If There Is No Joy It Means There Is No Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash’s article “The Matter of Suckling and Conception:” It is written, “Serve the Lord with Joy,” meaning that the joy has come to a man from serving the Creator. However, if he is working without joy, this is because of lack of faith in the greatness and importance of the King. Otherwise, there has to be joy and an uplifted spirit without any preparation for that.

Meaning, he should not see that he has no joy from the work, rather one should see that he will prepare himself to know whom it is he is serving and what His importance is, and joy is the outcome. Saying, that if he has no joy in the work, it is an indication that he has no idea about the importance of the Creator, and then one has to correct himself regarding the matter of faith.

There are people who feel no connection to spiritual matters at all and just live an earthly life. There are people who light up with spirituality and cannot leave it. And there are those who tend towards one and then the other side, wavering between the two.

It depends upon how much the Light illuminates a person. Perhaps, the Light is so weak that it gives a person only a sense of earthly existence. He chases pleasures, but they are directed not at the Creator, but just at something that he sees before him.

If the Light becomes a little stronger, then a person begins to discern that all that exists has its internal root and it comes with a particular purpose, for a reason. Thus a person advances, sometimes more, sometimes less, feeling the question, “What is this life for?”

In the end, the Light brings him to the place where he can realize his desire for spirituality. But even there, the Light pulls him to one side or to the other side, and due to these changes of states a person reveals that he lacks a connection with the source of his destiny, the source of life, the force that controls him. The more he feels his dependence on the upper force, the more he desires to know it, to understand, to approach it.

He faces various states in which he has to change his attitude towards what is happening. After all, on the one hand, he feels these states as pleasant and unpleasant, and on the other hand, he must understand that all of them come from the same Light that shows a person either day or night, either light or darkness.

The Light wants a person to relate to these states above them; that is, it doesn’t matter whether a person feels them as good or bad. What’s important is that through these states he knows the root from which they came. This means that a person works on the greatness of the Creator. He does not care what he gets from the Creator, he uses everything for advancement.

And then even more, he welcomes everything that comes from the Creator not because in this way he advances, but because in this way he can bring joy to the Creator. Thus, a person adheres to the Creator more and more and senses His greatness. He identifies himself less with the states that he receives from the Creator and his feelings, but he looks more at the One from whom he receives it all.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/13

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