The Joy Of Bestowal, From Which The Concealment Retreats

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, “What is the Acronym of Elul in the Work”: Yet, there is a condition to that: It is impossible to obtain disclosure before one receives the discernment of Achoraim (Posterior), discerned as concealment of the Face, and to say that it is as important to him as the disclosure of the Face…

It means that when one comes to a state where one has no support, one’s state becomes black, which is the lowest discernment in the upper world, and that becomes the Keter to the lower one, as the vessel of Keter is a vessel of bestowal.

The lowest discernment in the upper is Malchut, which has nothing of its own, meaning that she does not have anything. And only in this manner is it called Malchut. It means that if one assumes the Kingdom of Heaven—which is in a state of not having anything—gladly, afterwards, it becomes Keter, which is a vessel of bestowal and the purest Kli. In other words, the reception of Malchut in a state of darkness subsequently becomes a Kli of Keter, which is a vessel of bestowal.

We have to work hard and do everything that we can, as it says: “Do everything that is in your power” until we reach a state that the Creator’s “posterior” and the Creator’s “face” become equally important. This means that you will see the Creator’s work on you both in the concealment and in the revelation. If you want to work in order to bring the Creator contentment and not for your sake, then you receive both the concealment (the “posterior”) and the revelation (the “face”) gladly.

You will see no difference between the Light and the darkness, the difference between them is only felt in the corrupt desire to receive, but in the corrected desire, they are equal. Thus all your reflections regarding the good Providence disappear. All the states of the concealment of the Creator’s face become equally important and desirable to you, just like His revelation.

Then you reach a state where there is no more concealment. Since everything is determined by your perception, according to the person who receives. In the meantime, you conceal the Creator’s actions as the good and the benevolent from yourself by your desire to receive, and instead of the good, you see everything as black and evil. When you correct yourself, you discover that everything was good and corrected before and the only thing that had to change was your perception.

Thus you come to understand that it is your Malchut with all its thickness that reaches the great bestowal of Keter by turning its force of receiving (the thickness) into bestowal (purity). It isn’t just a change from receiving to bestowal, from receiving evil to receiving goodness. You, with all your egoistic material, will participate in the disclosure of the goodness by purifying it in order to feel the Light and bestowal as good in it, and instead of the ego, to change it to bestowal.

By that you make your contribution, participate, and build the revelation by yourself. It is by the thickness of your desire to receive that you increase the Creator’s bestowal by increasing it from the small spark of the Light and from a small point of desire to the size of Ein Sof.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/8/13

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