Bestowal Brings Joy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it said that an act of bestowal always brings a sensation of joy?

Answer: If a person cleaves to the upper one, this adhesion must bring him joy since he enters the perfection of the upper one. This is not simply a good mood, but rather a sensation of being filled with perfection and eternity, belonging and dependency, of touching upon something perfect and infinite.

This sensation is experienced by a person who has a connection with a higher degree consisting of the teacher, the group, and the Creator. The more he values them, the more he feels perfection. But then the question arises: How does he use this feeling? Maybe he is simply looking for a pleasant sensation in order to appease himself? Or perhaps he is using this feeling to ascend and bestow in return?

That is, it’s important whether he is using his connection with “the teacher, the group, and the books” to acquire the spiritual vessel called “faith” or to fill oneself. If he is looking for an egoistic fulfillment, it is an impure desire, Klipa, that wishes to cling to sanctity and draw out the Light from it.

However, one has to go through such impure states as well, feel them acutely on the path, and try to overcome them. Ultimately, I have to attain that there is nothing besides the single authority: the authority of the Creator. It means that the Creator is “good who does good”; He fills my entire world, all of my desires, my entire heart and mind. I have to always feel that I’m under the Creator’s rule, and He fills me. I shouldn’t allow a Klipa (my impure desires) to torment me.

There are people who derive pleasure from such self-criticism. Or they are so used to it that they can’t come out of this state. However, this is a very bad state, and it brings no advancement.

A person thinks that suffering helps him to advance and that one day suffering will end. But it will never happen. Progress takes place specifically by virtue of us aspiring toward joy, goodness, and happiness from performing good deeds—toward the upper degree, toward faith. This is called faith in the upper one, when a person feels that he belongs to perfection, meaning connects to the upper one.

So ask yourself: Are you trying to cling to the upper one to receive pleasure from it or are you looking for inspiration and joy that can help you acquire the ability to bestow?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/29/2011, Shamati #40

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