Living For The Sake Of The Moment

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world as it is today is rapidly sinking. We are destroying nature by exhausting its resources and are ruining human society in all areas of its life. Moreover, we can’t stop. No matter what, we are still trying to move ahead in the same egoistic direction.

If you don’t have the point in the heart, if you don’t draw the upper Light, you don’t get a chance to compare yourself with it in order to find what is wrong with you. You function like a machine with only one electric cord plugged into it. A mechanical bunny keeps hopping in a similar manner, totally oblivious of the fact that every time it jumps, it falls down. If there is no force that can show me this evil, I won’t become aware of it: “It’s okay; it didn’t happen today, but maybe tomorrow it will.”

This is the problem of  the “world reformers” Baal HaSulam is writing about. We are talking about a spiritual concept that derives from the idea that pleasure, the Light, never stays in our egoistic desire. We constantly strive for it, making efforts, but nothing helps. And it won’t since we are opposite to the Light and don’t feel any of this.

Having barely touched a desire, the pleasure immediately disappears, and I have to start digging for it again, for a mere moment of contact between the Light and desire. I’m living solely for this moment. If only we could see this process from aside: desire, a drop of pleasure, desire, a drop of pleasure. In order to tap into it, I constantly keep “hitting the button,” like an experimental animal, with no free will. This is what our life is all about, which has taught us nothing over the course of thousands of years of evolution.

Thus, “world reformers” is a very deep philosophical notion. It is the correct, egoistic, and only form of development. It is a property implanted in our nature, and there is no place to hide from it. Only if the point in the heart emerges in a person and he or she starts developing correctly, led by their new desire, can one acquire a force that opposes the mechanics of desire and pleasure: the force of the Light. This Light makes a person feel that he or she is missing a third element: the new intention, calculation, the screen.

The point of this search is that it is aimed against the “world correctors” within a person. It turns out that there is someone else over you, and this someone creates the flaw in the first place and then corrects it.

This is the process we must undergo. And we are yet to see its effects on human development. As Baal HaSulam describes, everybody expects the others to admit that they are wrong and acknowledge that the former are right. But it will never happen, and everybody will keep insisting on their own opinion. Humanity will take this path: The arguing parties will keep fighting to the very end. And there is no way out of this; it will lead us to wars and self-destruction.

If we don’t counter this process with the dissemination of Kabbalah, fighting will never stop. The only question is this: Will they hear us before mass destruction begins or after it, when only a small part of humanity will remain?

Correction will still occur according to the method of Kabbalah, but will it come to catastrophes, demise of billions, and extreme survival conditions for the rest who will hear the method and start actualizing it, hurried by horrible pain? Or, will we manage to explain this method to the world before it runs to extremes?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/2011, “Peace in the World”

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Unity As A Vessel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our dissemination, can we describe the Creator as a force of unification and use the unity of our body’s organs as an example?

Answer: No, unification is a means, not the end. All of the body’s organs are soldered together, working in harmony, and complementing one another, and each annuls itself to unify and serve the others.

Due to this, the body becomes an integral system, which awakens a special force that pertains to the higher dimension: the force of life. It isn’t simply a material existence on the animate level, but a higher state of being, the attainment of the body’s wholeness and purpose.

Where does it come from? Initially, through the four phases of the Direct Light, everything descended from the root phase to the fourth phase. And then, by attaining unity, the fourth state ascends to the force that created this wholeness to begin with; that is, it goes back to the root phase.

This is a universal rule: By completing a lower degree, you reach the start of the next one. This is why when we unite, we attain a higher force. Wholeness is a vessel, and the force we reveal in it is the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/2011, Importance of Kabbalah Dissemination

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