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Annulling Myself For The First Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we know that we have attained the state of the spiritual Ibur (conception)?

Answer: I suggest that you do the following: In spite of everything that happens, try to awaken yourself with the help of the environment, keep the same daily schedule, annul yourself, and accept that all the problems come from Above in order to help you annul yourself before the upper force, through the group.

The sign of the correct self-annulment is joy. Don’t ask for anything else, only to remain in this state in order to advance by the annulment of the ego. This already means that I am in state of Ibur.

I don’t care what I get from it. The only thing I want and what is important for me is to remain as strongly adhered as possible—that is, in the lowest point of annulment, in the smallest state. And because I want to see and feel different spiritual phenomena, I still have to work on myself. In other words, I have to annul my ego to the zero level, and this is called adhesion with the upper one.

Then I increasingly annul myself beyond that point and adhere more strongly, although my ego awakens. Thus the nine months of pregnancy go by. The most difficult part is the first three days of the absorption of the semen. Most of the problems occur at this phase, both in spiritual life and in corporeal life.

Even problems like miscarriages, which occur in the more advanced stages of pregnancy, happen because of different malfunctions and defects that occurred in the first three days of the absorption of the semen.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/13, Writings of Rabash

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This Strange Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexei Chulichkov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences): “The form of our notions about the world is constantly changing. Speculative ancient models of the Universe were replaced with the medieval idea of the divine creation of the world. In modern times, there emerged a new method of understanding Nature, which created the illusion that human reason is omnipotent.

“However on a scale that is much different from what a person is used to, in the world of atomic or cosmic phenomena, our mind cannot grasp the observed because at the heart of the observed reality there is an invisible quantum reality, which becomes visible to the extent of interaction between the observed and the observer. The study of quantum reality has led to the realization of a unified picture of the world and its relationship with human consciousness.

“We are in the process of rethinking the world and human being, of forming a new vision of reality – everything that exists (human, society, and nature) is a single system, a single unit.”

My Comment: It is encouraging to read what Kabbalah has been saying for thousands of years. Based on the realization of a new picture of the world, there is a need to bring society to being one general kind, to the similarity of the whole system. This is the subject of the method of “Integral Upbringing.” After all, only in the balanced system will we be able to feel that we exist in an eternal perfect state.

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A Key To Attaining The Book Of Zohar

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between The Book of Zohar and its “Introduction,” which we started studying?

Answer: In the “Introduction,” there is an extensive and prominent commentary for people who want to get to know The Book of Zohar, even if they have not begun to attain it yet. In any case, this “Introduction” advances a person. If he studies it, he will later be able to continue and study The Book of Zohar, although The Book of Zohar is much more difficult than the “Introduction.”

There are greater auxiliary forces in the “Introduction.” The “Introduction” is built so that a person who studies it softens and takes on a form that is suitable for delving into the depth of The Book of Zohar. A person’s image becomes adaptable to The Book of Zohar. It is because everything requires preparation and the “Introduction” provides us with it.

I studied it with Rabash, and he said that the “Introduction” includes the whole Book of Zohar. We will discover what this means in the future.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/1/13, The Book of Zohar, Introduction “The Rose”

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Under The Supervision Of The Creator And The Kabbalists

Dr. Michael Laitman with studentsQuestion: Why does an egoistic connection between friends arouse the influence of the upper Light, while our other egoistic efforts are not able to attract it? What is the trick here?

Answer: The Creator brings a person to a group, as it is written: “The Creator puts one’s hand on the good fortune and says, ‘Choose it.’”And what do you choose? You choose the environment. You hope that it will influence you, even just a little, to the degree that you are ready to bend yourself before it.

Here, the question arises: Why and for what do you bend yourself? If we are honest, it is in order to make a good profit. They tell you that if you lower your head before the friends, you may win a big prize. Essentially, this is pure ego.

The group before which you bow is in no way better than you. All the friends are the same egoists, but this doesn’t matter because each one wants to lower his head to the others so that through brotherly love with a massive “promotion,” you will receive some kind of pleasure.

So, the Light comes to you because, as it is said, in order to fulfill the commandments, we don’t need intention. So, even if your intention is egoistic, you receive the Light that Reforms anyway.

You might ask, “How does this happen?” I would put the question differently. If it were not for this mechanism, how could you change at all?

There is a parable about two angels who asked the Creator: “Why did you give the method of correction to humans and not to us?” The Creator answered: “Do you have an evil inclination? And humans do.” It follows that you must be within the evil inclination and quite consciously seek self-benefit, saying: “Even were the world to burn, most important is that I feel good myself, even if I am left alone.”

However, at some moment, the spark of a new desire is awakened in you, directed straight to the Creator, and even though you imagine Him as the source of egoistic pleasures and an eternal and perfect life for yourself, it is enough if you enter a group of people like you. After all, it is specifically the Creator who brought you together; it is specifically He who is gave you the means to learn and to connect.

More than this, the Kabbalists stand above us and organize everything that the group will need, like a perfect teacher. They are concerned for us, and the Light reaches us specifically through them. You will see this yet.

That is how the method of Kabbalah works: Good deeds don’t require the right intentions and, thanks to them, when you still have nothing, you can reach the first level.

An approach like this directs the person the right way, protects him from lying to himself, and makes it possible to look forward to a true, mutual connection. This is no lie. Everything is based upon laws, not on concepts, beliefs, or customs. We are in a realistic system. With time, we will be able to describe it using a precise, adequate language.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/13, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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