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Under The Authority Of Money

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At this time, the entire healthcare system in many countries is being transferred to government rails and pretty much reminds one of a conveyor belt. Physicians strive to see as many patients as possible and spend as little time with them as they can. In order to get additional attention from their doctors, patients have to pay extra money.

Throughout the entire era of medical field development, doctors have never been rich. They were famous, knowledgeable, but never wealthy. In accordance with the advancement of desires, the aspiration to be rich comes first. After that, there comes a desire to be respected and famous, whereas an aspiration to become knowledgeable follows all of them. In medicine, it works the other way around. Why has our medical system fallen so low? Why does it value money before respect, knowledge, and even before the desire to help others?

Answer: This phenomenon is going on not only in the field of medicine, but in all spheres of human activities. People (as opposed to inanimate, animate, and vegetative matter) constantly grow due to their egoism, the basis of human nature. Our desires become more egoistic; they increasingly control us, thus detaching us from each other.

At some point, we lived in big families, but now we reject having even a small family. Everybody wants to live separately nowadays; the number of divorces increases, people don’t want to marry, have children, etc. Our egoism has grown to a level where it separates us much more strongly than before and instead of elevating our desire to obtain knowledge, attain, and achieve, it brings money forward and makes our lives very pragmatic. The entire world depends on money; everything is subject to money. Money is power.

Previously, respect, glory, and power were not contingent upon money. Honor was above everything. During the last one hundred years, our egoism grew to the extent that we can see nothing except dollar signs. All spheres of human activity such as science, arts, or any kind of creativity that continue to attract many people previously were considered noble; things like poetry or scientific research made many artists and scientists sacrifice their lives. Nobody considers them worthy any more.

Today, things like arts and science are fully controlled and completely suppressed by money. Artists and scientists simply have to comply with this level. Sometimes they still experience self-sacrificing tendencies, but they have to suppress them right away. Artists and scientists are kept in narrow frames because they understand that their success directly depends on their sponsors’ support and on the size of their bank account.

Nowadays, spheres of life that are extremely dear to us directly depend on money because prevailing financial systems buy them out, thus taking them under their direct governance. All of the above also applies to mass media that completely depends on those who pay them.

Even education in schools doesn’t get due attention because its goal is to promote a herd instinct in students and suppress their individuality so that they don’t cultivate a benevolent, non-financial, unselfish attitude. By doing so, it makes it very easy to determine how much one is worth, how much one can buy, and who is in control.

The last half-century demonstrates the same tendency in the healthcare system all over the world. The principal reason for it is the fact that this field is extremely sought after. Almost everybody uses it: We are born into this system; we continue our development in it, we have to constantly use it, and we end our lives within the same system too. So, the field of medicine is extremely “fertile” and brings enormous remunerations, thus making doctors rich and allowing them to take advantage of the system.

Moreover, our reliance on numerous medications (most of the time not even needed) prescribed by doctors no matter whether they are really necessary, obligates us to take them; it translates into enormous profits. Even if medications don’t cost much, their sales still turn the healthcare system into a monopoly that constantly drains resources from the population. That’s why numerous rumors are being spread about “terrible diseases,” various threats, etc.

This explains why there is great competition among drug manufacturers. Moreover, a lot of unnecessary “diagnostic” equipment is produced. The circles that financially take advantage of this state of affairs pressure their governments to include medical-related expenses into a basket of “free” and “mandatory” health care. In other words, we are tied up with a system that exploits us at our own expense; we all are completely defenseless here.

Alongside the mandatory, state healthcare system, there is also a private sector that is much more expensive and even more unexplainable. Of course, it justifies itself to a certain point, since private doctors simply have to cure their patients; otherwise, they won’t have clientele. On the other hand, people have to pay very high costs to receive proper treatments. So, humanity has already received all sorts of proofs that egoism is the main cause of the devastation of our health and that it prevents us from the correct way of life.

These doctrines apply not only to healthcare, since health starts with pure air, balanced food, good ecology, and a caring attitude toward each other. That’s why all of life requires correction in order to build a good basis for maintaining human health.

The big question is if today this task coincides with doctors, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers health care interests. One thing is very obvious: common people suffer from the way it’s currently arranged.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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Egoistic Fuel For An Altruistic Purpose

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: Because the Torah was not given to them before each and every one from Israel was asked if he agreed to take upon himself the Mitzva (precept) of loving others in the full measure, expressed in the words: “Love thy friend as thyself” (as explained in Items 2 and 3, examine it thoroughly there). This means that each and every one in Israel would take it upon himself to care and work for each member of the nation, and to satisfy all their every needs, no less than the measure imprinted in him to care for his own needs.

This condition seems clear, yet in fact, all of reality is concealed here, all that life can give us. And since there is only one condition that stands before us which must be maintained, “And you shall love your friend as yourself,” so everything that happens in my personal life, in relationship with myself, with my family, with the environment near and far, with humanity, with the world, everything that has happened to me up until this moment, must be directed towards only one goal. And at every moment I must check, have I lived it to reach love for others?

If I begin to evaluate myself in this way, then understandably, at every moment there will be many questions for me: “Why? What for? How is one thing connected to another? What do I get out of this?” and so forth. Rejection and resistance will grow, but if I truly want to clarify what must be clarified and corrected, then everything will be considered according to only one criterion, according to that phrase, “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

It’s written that this is a major rule in the Torah, in other words, this is the principle that includes all of reality, includes all of my incarnations, and in general, everything that has been. Therefore, someone who is ready to accept this principle as a basis, as a measuring rod for his life, he is ready to accept the Torah, the method of correction. You see, the whole Torah is designed only to realize this principle.

And conversely, someone who doesn’t direct himself towards this, he doesn’t need the Torah. He can read it, be interested in it as a historian, or use it in some other way. Throughout history, everyone has wandered through it as they saw fit. That said, the true Torah is revealed to me, moves me, and opens the way before me only on condition that I aspire to “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”

In this way I begin from a distance, from the greatest resistance, from an absolute lack of understanding, from the furthest place, until I gradually begin to understand that this is important, that this is connected to the entire reality, to the world, to all other people and  to my ego. I begin to be interested in this principle at least in an egoistic form, with the hope of somehow gaining from this. And so I have something to hold on to already; this expression becomes important in my eyes because I see this as a means for receiving pleasure, knowledge of self, an opportunity to get something new. And even if this connection is not arranged as I would like it, and passes through the reverse side, this is still a connection, and it’s very important.

A state like this is called “Lo Lishma,” and it’s a high level where I am already holding onto the principle of “And you shall love your friend as yourself,” and through it, love for the Creator, Who is to be found in the other, in the community, as is written, “I live among My own people.” Therefore, everything is arranged for me except the intention.

First, from my “healthy,” materialistic, egoistic desire, I grasp this principle strongly; then it’s possible to speak about intention. First of all, it’s necessary to build a healthy relationship, as is written: “Educate the youth according to his way.” And the more ruthless his desire to fulfill himself, the better because then you can open the way before him and explain to him upon what progress depends.

In general, all the steps leading to both purity and impurity are subject to the same dependency and are found in the same way. Only the relationship is different. About this it is written: “The Creator made this opposite to that” (Ecclesiastes 7). We use the same Kelim for both egoistic and altruistic actions; and only in intention are these actions opposing.

Before me is the system of my relationships with the group. I give myself over to it and through it to the Creator, Who is within it. I want to adhere to Him and thereby fill myself with all the Light of Infinity. This is the desired, worthwhile and imperative approach.

If I begin to confuse myself with superfluous considerations, I only reduce my desire even before it grows, so that I will have something to correct. A person corrects only what is discovered in him, and one should not be ashamed or be timid because of his egoistic spiritual aspirations. This is normal. The main thing is to be clear, that specifically in the system called a “group” I will reveal the Creator.

In general, this system includes all of reality, and even though it now seems to me to be divided, later I will see that everything is included within it. So, it’s important to see the real state, even if at this stage it’s for my own benefit.

This is the beginning of self-nullification; this puts me in front of the perpetual questions: “How can I be incorporated into the system? How do I enjoy it?” And then the Reforming Light works on me. The system is built such that the posterior side of the upper is found in the front side of the lower, and therefore, even if I think about ascent egoistically, the upper perfects my defect and gives me a remedy for my ego. After all, this ego is directed towards “And you shall love your friend as yourself.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/13, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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The Adapter Between Me And The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Besides prayer, what helps a person “cut his ego to pieces” time after time?

Answer: The question itself is incorrect. There is no other means than prayer. Prayer is the conclusion of all the right stages of examination, when it has become clear that I have nothing more upon which to rely since I am this creature, I am the result of the higher forces. The one thing that is left to me is to turn to the origin from where everything evolves into me. This is to an origin that dominates me one hundred percent.

The rules of the system are not subject to change. So if I am their derivative, what can I do? My brain only helps me to understand that I am enabled. From here it can give me practical advice: “Turn to the Creator.”

That’s it. What other possibilities can there be? Disturbances and friction between us will not help; the opposite: They will shatter the entire system, and even this is just in our eyes. Because in fact, we don’t subtract or add anything, we simply don’t carry out the only action in this entire physical world that was given to us.

So let’s stop behaving like bulls held by the horns and think about what we can truly do. Everything else, one way or another, will produce nothing. Only prayer remains.

But what must the form of the prayer be? How is this request raised about the correction of Malchut which wants to acquire the characteristic of Bina? Regarding this we need to work. If there is already a force acting within the operating system, it must be activated. For me below, a possibility like this exists: To arouse, to call for this force, to the degree of the desire of the level of Adam within me.

And conversely, if I don’t awaken it, I am not connected with it and am left on the level of a beast. In this case it acts on me directly, from above to below, without my participation.

I was given the point in the heart, so I would be able to reach the right question and raise my request. But first I need to check and prepare everything that is required, to clarify what depends on me and what doesn’t, where I am found, and how to arrange my request so that it will reach the target and be influential.

You see what leads me is a system of laws that are not subject to change, devoid of intelligence and emotion. Even if you were to stand on your head before it, this would not help. This says that I need to build my structure in the right way, this being called “existence” from below to above, within the ten Sefirot of the Returning Light. And even if I were still to scream according to my understanding of all the mechanisms of what is happening, in spite of it all, within my scream everything must be arranged correctly.

So for this, the upper Light gives me an environment prepared in the right way to develop my scream. If I relate to a group as a Kli that is ready to convey my unclear scream, built from desire, yet still without form like an infant, then this scream will acquire the right form. This will make it possible to reach the source, the force that acts within creation.

In response, this force descends on me again through the environment. Otherwise, I would not be ready to receive the Light and it would simply burn me. Specifically, the upper Light influences my connection with the friends to the degree that I am loyal to them. It influences the place where we connect, coordinated with it, since only there am I accommodated to it.

So from my side there needs to be a request that passes through the environment, making it possible for them to hear it. And from the side of the Creator the Light also arrives through the environment, accommodates itself to me, so that I will be able to accept, feel and understand it.

It follows, that the environment is a two-way mutual adapter between me and the Creator. Everything takes place within this system called a “group,” a “people,” or more correctly, one soul.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Mutual Guarantee

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One Stone Against The Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Letter 40: And should you ask, “What can one do if he feels that he has a heart of stone toward his friend…”

The advice is very simple: The nature of fire is that when rubbing stones against each other, a fire starts… And only when both of them intend for a gift and not for charity, through the wearing out of the hearts, even of the strongest ones, each will bring out warmth from the walls of his heart, and the warmth will ignite the sparks of love until a clothing of love will form. Then, both of them will be covered under one blanket, meaning a single love will surround and envelop the two of them, as it is known that Dvekut [adhesion] unites two into one.

When a person begins to work in a group he doesn’t feel repulsed by others. But as soon as he feels the need to connect with the friends, as it is the means for attaining the goal, the vessel for the revelation of the Creator and through this connection one attains bestowal and adhesion, and only after that are the others called “friends” and not before; this is where the problems start. These people don’t seem like strangers anymore: Everyone takes on a certain color, a form, and becomes versatile and full of different emotions.

The friends summon in him very complex emotions and it isn’t easy to connect with them anymore. He doesn’t want to connect with them anymore. He doesn’t want to hug them and to sit at the same table with them for a meal or to dance together.  Different evil thoughts overcome him with regard to his relations with others and he begins to feel that it’s very difficult to connect with them.

The more he understands the need to connect, the more distant and unrealistic it seems to him. New interruptions are increasingly evoked. It’s about this kind of work that the Torah tells us first in the story of Abraham and Isaac and then about Jacob, the sons of Jacob and Joseph. Eventually, this work becomes the exile in Egypt, when a person feels such terrible distance from others that it’s impossible to ignore it and it’s impossible to connect.

The more a person tries to overcome his ego and to connect with others, the less he succeeds. He experiences “seven years of satiety” and “seven years of hunger,” with regard to the connection since the whole war against the evil inclination is only over the connection. Then there are the plagues of Egypt, the plagues of Pharaoh, that force a person to finally understand that only the upper Light can help him.

He decides that he cannot live without absolute love anymore, that will break his heart and the shards of his heart will penetrate the hearts of his friends. This is the only thing he wants and nothing but it. Thus he begins to work on the love that doesn’t immediately turn into true love, but starts from some preliminary connections, but this is at least a certain connection.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/16/13

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In The Shadow Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: But the end of the correction of the world will only be by bringing all the people in the world under His work.

All our work is to clarify the Creator’s nature and to understand what the attribute of bestowal is. We can do that only from the opposite state, from the state of receiving. So according to the Light of bestowal we feel how opposite we are from it.

Here a person feels rage and has bad feelings. Can he cope with them and overcome them? Or rather, does he close his eyes and remain in his ordinary nature as long as he doesn’t have to take part in the eternal struggle between these two forces that “rub out” his desire, layer after layer, until nothing is left of it? This is actually the problem: How can we cope with these clarifications? How can we check, study, and feel the Creator’s nature out of the created being’s nature?

A person receives an illumination from Above only if he prepares his supporters and the right environment. This includes studying, dissemination, ordinary life, work, tithing, and all the conditions that Kabbalists require. The main thing, of course is the environment, the group, the friends among whom a person clarifies his connection with the Creator. That is how the strings between the Creator’s nature and a person’s nature are woven.

On the whole we feel hatred, repulsion, and understand that this is the normal way since the truth is revealed: The created being discovers how opposite he is from the Creator’s nature. Sometimes the Creator’s nature is revealed in a way that in response, a person simply feels how bad he is towards someone or something, or towards himself.

But if the Light is revealed in all four phases, he begins to understand who he is, who the Creator is, and who the friend with whom he finds himself in different opposite states, is. Thus a person already sees a whole picture.

This is how the Light “plays” with us: Sometimes it opens up a bit more and sometimes a bit less; it isn’t coincidental, but rather according to an accurate program, according to a person’s devotion. To the extent that a person is ready to be under that “shadow,” under the “umbrella” of the teacher, the group, the study, etc., he can be advanced along the spiritual path. So, one way or the other, we always advance qualitatively, deeper into the psychology of the soul.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/16/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Mutual Guarantee”

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The Resolution Adopted Unanimously

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is a decision reached in a “group of ten” (a training group of ten people): Is it according to a simple majority vote or must everyone agree?

Answer: If there is some kind of “majority,” this is no longer called a “group of ten.” A group of ten is “one man with one heart,” so what kind of “majority” can be there? A minyan is formed from ten people if they are all united in one heart, in one prayer. So how could a group of ten adopt some kind of resolution if a part doesn’t agree wholeheartedly?

You cannot show that you are a hero and agree with the decision of the friends despite your dissatisfaction. There is no coercion in spirituality! In a group of ten, a resolution can only be adopted if there is universal agreement; otherwise, the “group of ten” concept doesn’t exist. All must be as one.

In contrast, the spiritual directorate adopts a resolution with a “compelling” majority, 8 out of 10 for example. This is because it’s composed of people with different opinions regarding various problems relevant to our world and they are trying to find a solution. They don’t make decisions about spiritual work.

There are people who decide what we will eat at the meal, what the schedule will be for the day, which article we will learn in the lesson, and I don’t even ask them what kind of a decision they adopted. But the concept of a “group of ten” applies only to spiritual connection as one person.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/16/13, Writings of Rabash

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Integrality: New Horizons

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do people have to be experts in order to solve a certain problem during an integral debate or can people come to a solution when they are correctly connected, fulfilling this integrality?

Answer: To tell you the truth, I don’t think that there are any problems at all except for understanding the integral nature. When a person begins to look at the world from a new level, everything becomes transparent, simple, and clear. He sees all the problems since they appear as a result of lack of connection between two systems: the integral and the linear. As a result, he comes up with different interesting solutions that didn’t exist before, even technical and scientific ones.

I am sure that humanity will greatly benefit by that since we will suddenly begin to feel the inner nature of things. It’s because we have always studied nature not as it is but from our egoistic perspective, and therefore it was in a very limited range of frequencies. But when we exit the boundaries of our body, of our ego, we feel nature outside ourselves, that is, as it really is and not as we perceive it, and so totally new opportunities open up for us. Thus the integral level is new science, new technology, and totally new horizons.

Today we encounter great difficulties at work, like overcoming distances, transmitting energy, and information, and we try to squeeze all that into fibers, cables, and to transfer it over distance. How much fuel do we need to burn to receive minimal efficiency factor? When we look at nature in the general integral form, we see that it has a 100% solution: Nature has no surpluses, there is never a redundant part left over, which disappears somewhere. There is no such thing! So wonderful solutions come up in the integral society.  But we can solve and fulfill everything only integrally.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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The Collective Wisdom Of The Group

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsQuestion: The system called the “wisdom of the group” now is being realized in a corrupt form. What or who will become its guide, director or leader, when it becomes corrected? How will this leadership appear?

Answer: The collective wisdom of the group will become their guiding leadership. There cannot be any leadership from within the group. It can only come from above them in the form of their educators who are one level above them. The group doesn’t create itself, it must be organized by someone from the outside.

So, a shared intelligence, shared thoughts and feelings, is now created within it, meaning the image of a unified group that advances as a unit by discussing, feeling, and being aware of its integrality. But nonetheless, there is a leader who stands above it. He directs the people, giving them new tasks, supervising everything.

This is because they cannot rise by themselves, they will stray to some side or be swept away somewhere. They might somehow still hold onto their position, but to rise above it, they still need a guide who is on the next level and therefore can give them advice about what to do next. In nature, everything is arranged like a pyramid.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 05.20.13

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Rabash “Shlavei HaSulam,” Concerning Love of Friends-2

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The Book of Zohar – Introduction, “Mother Lends Her Clothes to Her Daughter,” Item 19, Lesson 13 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam The Mutual Guarantee,” Lesson 13

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