Integrality: New Horizons

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do people have to be experts in order to solve a certain problem during an integral debate or can people come to a solution when they are correctly connected, fulfilling this integrality?

Answer: To tell you the truth, I don’t think that there are any problems at all except for understanding the integral nature. When a person begins to look at the world from a new level, everything becomes transparent, simple, and clear. He sees all the problems since they appear as a result of lack of connection between two systems: the integral and the linear. As a result, he comes up with different interesting solutions that didn’t exist before, even technical and scientific ones.

I am sure that humanity will greatly benefit by that since we will suddenly begin to feel the inner nature of things. It’s because we have always studied nature not as it is but from our egoistic perspective, and therefore it was in a very limited range of frequencies. But when we exit the boundaries of our body, of our ego, we feel nature outside ourselves, that is, as it really is and not as we perceive it, and so totally new opportunities open up for us. Thus the integral level is new science, new technology, and totally new horizons.

Today we encounter great difficulties at work, like overcoming distances, transmitting energy, and information, and we try to squeeze all that into fibers, cables, and to transfer it over distance. How much fuel do we need to burn to receive minimal efficiency factor? When we look at nature in the general integral form, we see that it has a 100% solution: Nature has no surpluses, there is never a redundant part left over, which disappears somewhere. There is no such thing! So wonderful solutions come up in the integral society.  But we can solve and fulfill everything only integrally.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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