The World After The Convention Or The Ball Is In Our Hands

The World After The ConventionQuestion: I really would like the world to be a better place after the convention, a place where no one takes advantage of others, where there is no more pain, my bank account is fine, and life is good. Is that possible?

Answer: I think that it is in our power. Just imagine that many of our friends all over the world unite around this convention. These are the people who have the spiritual sparks, the particles from the upper world. If we connect them all, we can do anything!

Since our entire world is still, it doesn’t have the power to change anything. Now, when this becomes so clear, we see that no one can manage the world, and no one knows how to manage it either.

A century or two ago, we could do so since our ego was not so developed yet, and we could change the way we used it. However, now it is impossible. The ego has become closed, it has become round, and so no one in our world knows what to do with it.

Only we can take advantage of the fact that it has become round, which means connected and tied with others, while the egoists cannot since they are all separated. So, when the world becomes global, strongly connected, and mutually interdependent, everyone throws up their hands in despair, and no one knows what is going on. We see that they cannot manage even financial systems, not because they aren’t knowledgeable enough but because the rules in the world have changed.

The integral connection, the analog system that is now taking over, won’t let an individual or an egoistic group manage things. Only if you establish an analog system between several people can you change the world somehow, by using it like a management panel. The egoists cannot do that. Only we can, and this also includes your bank account.

So, everything is in your hands. If you ask us to connect to you, you will see how this happens. It isn’t mysticism or magic but real spiritual laws, which means that they are above our world. If you positively change the way the system works, you will see to what extent things change in the corporeal world since our world is an outcome of the spiritual forces. Nothing happens on its own. Everything is managed by an inner force to which you will have access.

Thus, you will understand why we need suffering in this world, including an overdraft in your bank account and everything else that is happening in the world. All this is meant to awaken us to rise to the upper force, even if it is in order to manage our corporeal life. From the height of this force, we really can do something; but as long as we don’t do that, the problems and troubles in our world will only grow. Therefore, the ball is in your hands.
From a Talk On Preparation for the Congress in New Jersey, 5/10/2013

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  1. Each individual must realize his own divinity. Unfortunately it is incredibly hard to induce a spiritual awakening. In my personal thought it generally occurs when conciouaness switches from perceived coincidence to coincedence with a purpose. This tends to happen through self referencing events. The universe, our lord speaks to every person but their mind has not changed to notice it. Prayer seems to be the best start. Prayer does have an effect on the universe. Even if an individual does not know this it does not matter. Prayer will often still instill expectation. When the expectation is then fulfilled in some manner it opens the channel for connecting events. Once the connection is made an individual will often expect and seek other perceived linked events, thus noticing more. The more they see the better the confidence in the reality of the linked events. This switch is a way of synchronizing to messages. Spirituality then instills a. Better sense of self and empathy in the self of others. Like a sleeper agent each individual has their own set of awakening triggers. It is the first step toward peace inside which is then reflected outward. There is of course only the perceived self and all messages are too interconnected. Unfortunately as all paths eventually lead to the one, the most common path is the path of suffering. Let us hope the world need not experience this path to force a paradigm change. Much love. I believe free will and pre- destiny are shrouded in the inability to perceive and remember the future. Thus giving meaning and purpose to life. There is a plan and belief is the start.

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