The Adapter Between Me And The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Besides prayer, what helps a person “cut his ego to pieces” time after time?

Answer: The question itself is incorrect. There is no other means than prayer. Prayer is the conclusion of all the right stages of examination, when it has become clear that I have nothing more upon which to rely since I am this creature, I am the result of the higher forces. The one thing that is left to me is to turn to the origin from where everything evolves into me. This is to an origin that dominates me one hundred percent.

The rules of the system are not subject to change. So if I am their derivative, what can I do? My brain only helps me to understand that I am enabled. From here it can give me practical advice: “Turn to the Creator.”

That’s it. What other possibilities can there be? Disturbances and friction between us will not help; the opposite: They will shatter the entire system, and even this is just in our eyes. Because in fact, we don’t subtract or add anything, we simply don’t carry out the only action in this entire physical world that was given to us.

So let’s stop behaving like bulls held by the horns and think about what we can truly do. Everything else, one way or another, will produce nothing. Only prayer remains.

But what must the form of the prayer be? How is this request raised about the correction of Malchut which wants to acquire the characteristic of Bina? Regarding this we need to work. If there is already a force acting within the operating system, it must be activated. For me below, a possibility like this exists: To arouse, to call for this force, to the degree of the desire of the level of Adam within me.

And conversely, if I don’t awaken it, I am not connected with it and am left on the level of a beast. In this case it acts on me directly, from above to below, without my participation.

I was given the point in the heart, so I would be able to reach the right question and raise my request. But first I need to check and prepare everything that is required, to clarify what depends on me and what doesn’t, where I am found, and how to arrange my request so that it will reach the target and be influential.

You see what leads me is a system of laws that are not subject to change, devoid of intelligence and emotion. Even if you were to stand on your head before it, this would not help. This says that I need to build my structure in the right way, this being called “existence” from below to above, within the ten Sefirot of the Returning Light. And even if I were still to scream according to my understanding of all the mechanisms of what is happening, in spite of it all, within my scream everything must be arranged correctly.

So for this, the upper Light gives me an environment prepared in the right way to develop my scream. If I relate to a group as a Kli that is ready to convey my unclear scream, built from desire, yet still without form like an infant, then this scream will acquire the right form. This will make it possible to reach the source, the force that acts within creation.

In response, this force descends on me again through the environment. Otherwise, I would not be ready to receive the Light and it would simply burn me. Specifically, the upper Light influences my connection with the friends to the degree that I am loyal to them. It influences the place where we connect, coordinated with it, since only there am I accommodated to it.

So from my side there needs to be a request that passes through the environment, making it possible for them to hear it. And from the side of the Creator the Light also arrives through the environment, accommodates itself to me, so that I will be able to accept, feel and understand it.

It follows, that the environment is a two-way mutual adapter between me and the Creator. Everything takes place within this system called a “group,” a “people,” or more correctly, one soul.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Mutual Guarantee

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