When the Point in the Heart Awakens

When the Point in the Heart SpeaksA question I received: When a person becomes religious, doesn’t he do this because his point in the heart (desire for spirituality) has awakened? Or, does he do it because something happened in his life that made him seriously think about life? If we assess the situation, we see that these thoughts cause a great change in people’s lives. Let’s say that these changes aren’t spiritual, as described in Kabbalah, but nevertheless, what – if not inner awakening – can make a person who was born into a certain world, completely change his life around, and adopt a lifestyle that isn’t easy at all?

My Answer: Surely a person constantly questions his goals, and the surfacing of all kinds of desires in him prompts changes in his life. However, all these desires and occurrences surface at the level of our world, and as such, are unrelated to spirituality. It could also be that this person starts worrying about the world to come, about what will happen to him after he dies, and thus starts noticing everything in the world as being illusive and transient, and that he’ll be left with nothing at the end of it… In either case, he is pursuing security, and religion offers him a reward for his efforts.

However, when a person couldn’t care less about his security or finding a place to relax, or about being rewarded in this world or the world to come; when he wants only one thing – to discover the truth – he then discovers the wisdom of Kabbalah. Such a person has sought after all desires and revealed their emptiness. He neglects them because they are based on compromising with his consciousness, “sweeping things under the table” so to speak, and they make him ignore the painful inner questions. The desire to discover the truth makes him incapable of lying to himself, and ready for anything as long as it leads to the truth. The point in the heart is speaking within such a person, and not his earthly desires, his heart.

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  1. Warm Greetings Rabbi:
    I am a message carrier between eldersand wise people from many traditions.  Whenever I uncover something I have this huge desire to share what I have learned.

    I have approached a group of people that are already studying the Kabbalah with you, and I do not want to interfere with your process.   These people are studying over the internet, and are looking to broaden their spiritual understandings.  Most of the group are already light carriers through the discipline of the Shumei –   I have already begun to bring the light of the Zohar to these people through their leader and I wanted to come through the front door rather come from the top down as a teaching tool.  I was referred to the group that was exploring Kabbalah through  your website and I wanted to make certain that this connection happens in a good way – and therefore I am writing to seek advice as I go through my process.   Below is the teaching I share with the Pocket Zohar and my question to you is do you have anything to add?

    Your insights would be appreciated.

    a neophytes instructions on scanning the Pinchas Zohar:

    If you read the opening parts it will give an overview n English.
    Then the idea is to scan the words – a page or two a day  – there is no recommended amount.   DO what you feel comfortable with.
    SIt in a comfortable position.  Take a couple of breaths to relax, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Put your attention on those aspects of yourself.

    Then open the book, (back to front, right to left.  And have your eyes run over the images.

    Keep attention on your calming breath.  breathing and scanning a particular line or paragraph with a full in and out breath balanced so that the full cycle occurs at the end of the paragraph.

    This is how I have found the best results.

    It happens sometimes that thoughts arise as you enter into this experience – as in meditation do not resist the thought however focus on the intention that you have with regards to that thought.  Why did the thought arise – what is its meaning will come as you scan the next paragraph or two.

    Of course your results may be different.

    a Rabbi Chaim Solomon added the following instruction:
    Hello Mitch,
    It’s great that you are spreading the Zohar.  One thing to add in your instructions …. the Aramaic words are awakening the Light of G-d inside the person, so it is important that the person meditate to send this Light to all the people in the world.  that not only helps the world, but also gives the person themselves greater Light in their life.

    Wishing you success in spreading more Zohar and enlighten the world.

    Light and blessings,

  2. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    With all honour I write to you as our great leader in kabbalah.
    please how do i get to the point in the heart?

    I am one of the student in this current spring class (kabbalah)

  3. …All I know is that there is no going back, only, no going forward. Be careful what you seek the truth comes with a heavy burden.

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