The Recipe for Rejuvenation

The Recipe for RejuvenationA question I received: I take my hat off to you Professor! You’re the most out-of-the-ordinary individual. A while ago, I already understood that it’s impossible to predict your answers, but never did I expect to hear Kabbalistic rap… Professor, I admit that you are an unsurpassable genius. Can you reveal your secret to your eternal youth and lively spirits? How do you manage to do it?

My Answer: It’s very simple Watson! The fact is that Kabbalah deals with, or one who studies Kabbalah deals with, the soul. And this is the only organ we have that doesn’t age or die. The more you engage in it, the younger you become. And this happens to such an extent that you even start feeling a little uneasy: you look and act like a kid while everyone around you is so important, full of Torah, solid individuals who are carrying the weight of the commandments… You, however, remain as a child, as it is written, “It’s better to be a smart and weak boy than an old and powerful king” (Tov Yeled Mizken ve Hacham mi Melech Zaken uKsil). It means that the love and bestowal born in a person from his entrance to spirituality are still weak, but they’re better than the old, powerful egoism that kills itself.

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Where Is Our Freedom?

Where Is Our Freedom?Two questions I received relating to free will:

Question: Do our actions in this world influence the Upper Worlds?

My Answer: Only one of them. It is called “free will,” and it lies in receiving the greatness of bestowal from one’s environment (from the teacher, books and friends), as well as the knowledge that freedom can be achieved only with the help of the Upper Light. No other action of ours, in any of the worlds, can be considered “free,” or in other words, as being an action that we do “on our own.”

Question: I have been studying for about a year and have read many of your books. At first, I was extremely inspired by the material I studied; it awakened many different thoughts and feelings in me. Now I am absolutely indifferent to my corporeal life, but I also don’t feel any inspiration from the material I study. What should I do?

My Answer: It’s good how you feel no inspiration from this world. However, in order to feel inspired from the spiritual world, you need to fight for it. You can get spiritually inspired from the teacher, books and friends who are aspiring to spirituality. You will never find this inspiration within yourself; only in the correct environment. Read the article “The Freedom,” as it discusses this. You can progress toward creation’s goal only to the degree that you acquire the greatness of this goal!

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Egyptian Pyramids and Spiritual Geography

Egyptian Pyramids and Spiritual GeographyTwo questions I received on spiritual relationships in geographical locations:

Question: How did the pyramids in Egypt materialize, and why did it happen there of all places? How could they possibly have been built with such precision without powerful technologies? The First and Second Temples were destroyed, but the pyramids still stand.

My Answer: Nothing simply appears out of thin air, from “above,” materializing out of nothingness. People built the pyramids, and they still stand because they represent the universal egoism that is alive and growing stronger. The Temples, on the other hand, were destroyed because the necessary mass of people for perceiving both worlds and connecting them together is lacking. In the future, when egoism becomes corrected, the common soul will appear, together with its earthly symbol: the Third Temple. However, after humanity’s general correction, this world will start disappearing from our perception.

Question: On Israel’s Independence Day, I saw a program with you speaking about the spiritual independence of Israel. Among other topics, you spoke about the spiritual geography of the Land of Israel. But to my regret, I was surprised that you did not mention the southern part of Israel – the Negev Desert. After all, it is a part of the nation. Does this mean that the spiritual forces only influence the part of Israel that extends from Ramat HaGolan to the Dead Sea?

My Answer: Of course not. The Negev Desert has always been a part of Israel, but this place is influenced by the minimal spiritual forces, and hence this part is naturally inanimate. For more on this, see Part 16 of Talmud Eser Sefirot.

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