Kabbalah for Everybody

Kabbalah for Everybody!Two questions I received on the worldwide dissemination of Kabbalah:

Question: At a recent lesson, you said that it’s important to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the nations of the world, to people who live in America, Russia, and Europe. Is it also important to disseminate Kabbalah to Muslims, both distant and near?

My Answer: Of course it is, and in addition, there are many points of contact for doing so. The problem is that there is a wave of aggressive Islam sweeping over the world today, but nevertheless we have students from Arabic countries. Obviously we don’t reveal their identities, besides our friends from Turkey. We have a practical website in Arabic, and there are lessons translated to Arabic. Several people in the central Bnei Baruch group are fluent in Arabic and they disseminate Kabbalah in Arabic, as well as in Persian.

Question: Do you think that now is the most appropriate time to disseminate Kabbalah newspapers in China?

My Answer: I think that we should put disseminating in China on hold for now. For the time being, I have a book being published there.

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Kabbalah and Choosing a Profession

Kabbalah and Choosing a ProfessionTwo questions I received on work and career in relation to Kabbalah:

Question: Is the study of Kabbalah in any way related to choosing a job or profession in the material world?

My Answer: A person cannot pursue several goals. Therefore, if one’s purpose is to become corrected, similar to the Creator, then his every action in this world becomes supplementary. Thus, it’s best to choose a practical profession, one that will allow you to provide for your family while leaving you time to study Kabbalah.

Question: I have been studying with you through Kabbalah TV and ARI Online for almost two years now, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to come closer to the Creator that Kabbalah gives us. However, I’m disoriented by the need to succeed in this world. Can a person be wealthy, while having an intention for the sake of the Creator?

My Answer: If a person is intensively working on his spiritual development, he will eventually have to change his daily schedule as to unload himself of extra work, and give that work to other people. He will only do what’s necessary. In general, his thoughts will be focused on spirituality and how to help the entire world in this regard. But he must provide himself with everything necessary, so as not to demand it from society.

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Klipot and Reshimot (Advanced)

Klipot and ReshimotThree questions I received on Klipot and Reshimot:

Question: Do Klipot have Reshimot?

My Answer: The uncorrected Reshimot are the Klipot.

Question: The Klipot follow a person from his birth and until his death. Afterwards, when the soul (already more corrected, but not yet fully corrected) is reborn in another body, do the Klipot cling to it once again?

My Answer: The remaining uncorrected Reshimot are the Klipot.

Question: Do the Klipot posses degrees?

My Answer: A Klipa, an uncorrected Reshimo, becomes a spiritual degree when it is corrected.

Question: A Reshimo is a gene of desires. It’s a gene that launches a person’s physical, mental, and other movements. Is a Reshimo a spiritual print that was left after the Tzimtzum? If so, then I didn’t know that it bears any relation to our desires. Can you explain how this relates to our will to receive and to the launching of physical and mental activity?

My Answer: The Light’s influence over the next Reshimo evokes a sense of ourselves and our surroundings, and our existence. It’s the same as how an electricity supply brings a computer to life.

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