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Kabbalah for Everybody!Two questions I received on the worldwide dissemination of Kabbalah:

Question: At a recent lesson, you said that it’s important to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to the nations of the world, to people who live in America, Russia, and Europe. Is it also important to disseminate Kabbalah to Muslims, both distant and near?

My Answer: Of course it is, and in addition, there are many points of contact for doing so. The problem is that there is a wave of aggressive Islam sweeping over the world today, but nevertheless we have students from Arabic countries. Obviously we don’t reveal their identities, besides our friends from Turkey. We have a practical website in Arabic, and there are lessons translated to Arabic. Several people in the central Bnei Baruch group are fluent in Arabic and they disseminate Kabbalah in Arabic, as well as in Persian.

Question: Do you think that now is the most appropriate time to disseminate Kabbalah newspapers in China?

My Answer: I think that we should put disseminating in China on hold for now. For the time being, I have a book being published there.

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