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News Story: The day after shutting down Maxim magazine in Israel, the SBC media group signed an agreement to issue the magazine Kabbalah L’Am, which focuses on questions of Kabbalah for nonreligious readers

Kabbalah L\'Am Magazine(Translation of the article)

Lior Livrovsky, 28.05.08 18:48: It was originally published as a newspaper by the Kabbalistic center of Rav Laitman and the Bnei Baruch Association. The newspaper’s editors will also be the editors of the magazine, which will be published mutually with the Bnei Baruch organization.

Today, the SBC media group announced that after two trial issues, published in the last two months, they have finally signed an agreement with the association Kabbalah L’Am to publish an almanac under the same title, dedicated to questions of Kabbalah and intended for non-religious readers.

This news came the day after the announcement that the Hebrew version of Maxim magazine for men will be closed down, which was first published on Ice News and shut down just eight issues later.

Previously, the newspaper Kabbalah L’Am was distributed by the Kabbalistic center of Rav Michael Laitman and the group of Kabbalists, Bnei Baruch. The new magazine will have the same editorial team, but will be mutually produced as a magazine intended for the secular audience.

The group plans to print 15,000 copies of the magazine for subscribers only. It has been reported that currently there are already around 1,000 subscribers.

The SBC media group publishes approximately twenty magazines, which include Hebrew versions of Forbes and Cosmopolitan, RS Magazine, Nutrition, Parents and Children, Another Journey, and others.

Our Comment: The fact that Maxim, a “men’s” magazine, has been “replaced” with the Kabbalah L’Am magazine, shows that there is starting to be more ineliterest now in Kabbalah than in semi-nude girls among Israel’s readership. That a commercial firm as SBC has made such a decision just shows that they see what Kabbalah L’Am has to offer as being more profitable.

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