Conscious Acceleration Toward Life’s Purpose

Conscious Acceleration Toward the Purpose of CreationA question I received: I have been reading and watching different Kabbalistic materials over the course of this past year. Sometimes I’m very interested in Kabbalah, and other times I get too busy doing daily things and searching for pleasure. Over this period of time I gradually started feeling that something is happening inside of me. I became sadder and less satisfied. But some time ago, my life and my previous sensations have completed the changes they were going through. I have experienced a loss, and suddenly my heart started hurting so bad that I didn’t know where to hide from this pain. I realized that there is nothing else in this world that could satisfy me. For the first time in my life I started to desire studying Kabbalah with passion. I started watching the beginners’ course over the internet. The first lesson was like heaven to me. I don’t know why I was feeling so incredibly well while watching it. My heart still hurts every time I don’t watch lessons.

My Answer: There is one path for everybody, and nobody can choose another path. There’s an opportunity to take the path toward the goal of creation consciously, while others go against their will, and with a much slower speed. A person following the conscious path also experiences plenty of sadness and stress, but everything depends on the environment. One needs to close one’s eyes and give himself fully to the environment. Everyday there are more unhappy and devastated people in the world. Just imagine that you’re going to the same place that they are, and that the only difference is that they are walking, while you’re flying past them in parallel on an escalator. The fast changes in your mood, thoughts, and inner life happen because of the increase in your speed relative to others.

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Does the Creator Have Feelings?

Does the Creator Have Feelings?Questions I received about the Creator

Question: What is the Creator? Does He have desires and feelings?

My Answer: The Creator is the general force of Nature that incorporates everything. His quality is bestowal (love). This is His only force. From His quality of loving and bestowing, He created creation in the quality “to receive” – to receive what He desires to give it. But even though He created creation in the will to receive, He is leading it to acquire the quality of bestowal, to His state, which is boundless, unique, and perfect.

Question: In the article “The Revelation of Godliness (Matan Torah)” Baal HaSulam writes that the first condition is that “No one acts without a purpose,” and “There is a Creator in the world who created everything with a purpose.” What does “the first condition” mean?

My Answer: The first condition is the basic law of nature.

Question (continued): Do I have to accept this as a fact, even though I don’t have the notion that the Creator is real?

My Answer: You should accept it in order to test it on yourself, to reveal the Creator within you, within the property of bestowal you will acquire. It’s just like a scientist who receives news about someone else’s discovery – he accepts it and then tests whether it is correct. If a person attains the revelation of the Creator’s actions, then to the degree he reveals this, he justifies Him and hence he himself is then called “righteous.” That is to say, in Kabbalah one tests everything in practice, and every person does this within himself!

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Problems in the Beginning

Problems in the Beginning of a Person\'s Spiritual PathA question I received: I participated in a Kabbalah seminar in Tallinn, Estonia on the 15th of June. At that meeting, I expressed my resentment of the following statement: “During a descent, one can progress even more than during an ascent, since at that time a person only uses the force of the group, which is always greater than his own force. One’s friends in the group were selected by the Creator Himself. If you will love them, then He will love you.”

I am used to moving forward and achieving things on my own. Maybe this is wrong, but that’s how it is for the time being. People singing together, holding hands, and singing songs – I feel that not only do they fail to see or know the text, but they even sing without any spirit – so what should I do?

I put more spirit into writing a letter to a woman I love or looking into her eyes. I can’t let myself be part of a group yet. Maybe I’m not ready for a group yet and I have to work on my own, as long as the group is foreign to me. On the other hand, talking to individual people at that evening in Tallinn was a pleasure. But when it came to singing and hugging, I wanted to leave!

My Answer: Everyone is repelled by this at first. Some people are social by nature, and some are loners. Personally I belong to the latter, so I understand you very well. What should you do? You should participate as much as you can. And after that your life will direct you, because when you make efforts and don’t receive a result, you will understand that there is no way out, that our correction lies in the union of souls. You don’t have to hug others or have a good singing voice. You should study and disseminate, and the rest will come in due time. Don’t force yourself.