Where Is Our Freedom?

Where Is Our Freedom?Two questions I received relating to free will:

Question: Do our actions in this world influence the Upper Worlds?

My Answer: Only one of them. It is called “free will,” and it lies in receiving the greatness of bestowal from one’s environment (from the teacher, books and friends), as well as the knowledge that freedom can be achieved only with the help of the Upper Light. No other action of ours, in any of the worlds, can be considered “free,” or in other words, as being an action that we do “on our own.”

Question: I have been studying for about a year and have read many of your books. At first, I was extremely inspired by the material I studied; it awakened many different thoughts and feelings in me. Now I am absolutely indifferent to my corporeal life, but I also don’t feel any inspiration from the material I study. What should I do?

My Answer: It’s good how you feel no inspiration from this world. However, in order to feel inspired from the spiritual world, you need to fight for it. You can get spiritually inspired from the teacher, books and friends who are aspiring to spirituality. You will never find this inspiration within yourself; only in the correct environment. Read the article “The Freedom,” as it discusses this. You can progress toward creation’s goal only to the degree that you acquire the greatness of this goal!

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