Equality Is A Gift From Above

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere can be three states in the exercise of the “tens” (connecting in groups of tens): At one time, I am below everyone else, another time, I am the upper one, the one who bestows, and the third time, we are all equal. Equality is a result of the first two states, and it is the middle line.

We cannot stand equality nor measure it. We actually don’t have it. We understand what it means to be above or below others, but we lose sensation where equality begins. Even a missile cannot focus straight on target and constantly must feel a certain degree of deviation. We have to feel a certain degree of deviation in everything.

So, we are given the balance from Above as the middle line, which comes together with the revelation of the Creator. The vessel and the Light, the middle line and the Creator, come together as a sign that you have exerted yourself enough and have attained a certain level of accuracy in different measurements that now enable you to feel the middle line and the Creator to a certain extent. For example, you have measured 10 pounds of the vessel and 10 pounds of the Light, and the fact that there is a deviation of 10 ounces in these 10 pounds is ignored from Above.

Next time, you will attain the middle line in those 10 pounds, and then you will value it as 100 pounds, and the accuracy will not be in the range of 10 ounces, but of 1 ounce. Thus, each time, you value your adhesion with the Creator more and thereby expand your vessel. The accuracy grows, that is, the middle line becomes increasingly thinner and thus more qualitative.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/6/13TES 

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