Disturbances Are The Creator’s Language

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to be above disturbances?

Answer: Above disturbances means that I take them, process them, keep them, and stay above them as if I am atop the waves.

I don’t erase them. They remain inside me and by ascending above them I come in touch with the Light, the Creator, the One who bestows to me. He gives me these disturbances so that above them I would come closer to Him.

The disturbances are a language. The Creator awakens my inner qualities that are opposite to Him. If I ascend above these opposite qualities, then I come in touch with Him.

For now this contact is not felt very much, yet nevertheless through it I begin to feel His attitude. I begin to value these disturbances because precisely they bring me contact with the Creator. Without them I would never come in touch with Him.

The disturbances show me what separates us, what prevents us from coming in touch with each other. If I ascend above them, then I overcome the obstacle and acquire a certain connection with the Creator.

Therefore, we have to be grateful for all the disturbances; we have to process them correctly and treat them as an obstacle that we have to ascend over in order to attain a connection with the Creator.

The quality that separates me from the Creator becomes the quality that connects us if I ascend above it. In spite of the thing that seems like a disturbance to me, I perceive it not as a disturbance, but as a means to create a connection with the Creator.

If I cancel myself and desire to be above the disturbances, then I “swim” above them as a wooden chip on waves, constantly being in touch with the air. Therefore, I don’t erase the disturbances, but am above them. I need them in order to ascend above them.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10, The Zohar

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  1. Could you detail the process of going above a disturbance; to “swim” above it?
    I need a concrete example.

  2. Maybe I can help. The way I understand it is we are on a journey as far from the Spirituality of our Creator as we can possibly get with one little “point in the Heart” of hope within us to help us in the right direction. Every time a ‘disturbance’ happens, we are to overcome (swim) above that obstacle by raising our Spirit above it. Which brings us, Spiritually, closer to what our Godlike nature should be. For example; a colleague comes to you complaining about the actions of another colleague and wants you to agree with what they say about such person. Be aware that words can cause a manifestation whether considered good or bad. Nothing happens to the branch of this physical world without first manifesting in the root of the Spiritual world. Therefore, “swim” above such trivial confrontations and sore to the mind and thoughts of our beloved Creator. Let the Lights that surround you elevate your mind and actions so you can do the right thing as doing more for others than you do for yourself. Ask yourself would you like someone to complain about you the way this colleague is complaining to you about the other person? Keep in mind, both of these people are a part of you and, more, are a part of your correction. So…, CORRECT YOURSELF!! This is seeing the root of the problem from an elevated state of being. Like, as the article said, seeing the car turn the corner from on top of the building; seeing the trouble before it happens. This may have been a bit long, but I hope this helps you, Sister.

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