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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At this time, the entire healthcare system in many countries is being transferred to government rails and pretty much reminds one of a conveyor belt. Physicians strive to see as many patients as possible and spend as little time with them as they can. In order to get additional attention from their doctors, patients have to pay extra money.

Throughout the entire era of medical field development, doctors have never been rich. They were famous, knowledgeable, but never wealthy. In accordance with the advancement of desires, the aspiration to be rich comes first. After that, there comes a desire to be respected and famous, whereas an aspiration to become knowledgeable follows all of them. In medicine, it works the other way around. Why has our medical system fallen so low? Why does it value money before respect, knowledge, and even before the desire to help others?

Answer: This phenomenon is going on not only in the field of medicine, but in all spheres of human activities. People (as opposed to inanimate, animate, and vegetative matter) constantly grow due to their egoism, the basis of human nature. Our desires become more egoistic; they increasingly control us, thus detaching us from each other.

At some point, we lived in big families, but now we reject having even a small family. Everybody wants to live separately nowadays; the number of divorces increases, people don’t want to marry, have children, etc. Our egoism has grown to a level where it separates us much more strongly than before and instead of elevating our desire to obtain knowledge, attain, and achieve, it brings money forward and makes our lives very pragmatic. The entire world depends on money; everything is subject to money. Money is power.

Previously, respect, glory, and power were not contingent upon money. Honor was above everything. During the last one hundred years, our egoism grew to the extent that we can see nothing except dollar signs. All spheres of human activity such as science, arts, or any kind of creativity that continue to attract many people previously were considered noble; things like poetry or scientific research made many artists and scientists sacrifice their lives. Nobody considers them worthy any more.

Today, things like arts and science are fully controlled and completely suppressed by money. Artists and scientists simply have to comply with this level. Sometimes they still experience self-sacrificing tendencies, but they have to suppress them right away. Artists and scientists are kept in narrow frames because they understand that their success directly depends on their sponsors’ support and on the size of their bank account.

Nowadays, spheres of life that are extremely dear to us directly depend on money because prevailing financial systems buy them out, thus taking them under their direct governance. All of the above also applies to mass media that completely depends on those who pay them.

Even education in schools doesn’t get due attention because its goal is to promote a herd instinct in students and suppress their individuality so that they don’t cultivate a benevolent, non-financial, unselfish attitude. By doing so, it makes it very easy to determine how much one is worth, how much one can buy, and who is in control.

The last half-century demonstrates the same tendency in the healthcare system all over the world. The principal reason for it is the fact that this field is extremely sought after. Almost everybody uses it: We are born into this system; we continue our development in it, we have to constantly use it, and we end our lives within the same system too. So, the field of medicine is extremely “fertile” and brings enormous remunerations, thus making doctors rich and allowing them to take advantage of the system.

Moreover, our reliance on numerous medications (most of the time not even needed) prescribed by doctors no matter whether they are really necessary, obligates us to take them; it translates into enormous profits. Even if medications don’t cost much, their sales still turn the healthcare system into a monopoly that constantly drains resources from the population. That’s why numerous rumors are being spread about “terrible diseases,” various threats, etc.

This explains why there is great competition among drug manufacturers. Moreover, a lot of unnecessary “diagnostic” equipment is produced. The circles that financially take advantage of this state of affairs pressure their governments to include medical-related expenses into a basket of “free” and “mandatory” health care. In other words, we are tied up with a system that exploits us at our own expense; we all are completely defenseless here.

Alongside the mandatory, state healthcare system, there is also a private sector that is much more expensive and even more unexplainable. Of course, it justifies itself to a certain point, since private doctors simply have to cure their patients; otherwise, they won’t have clientele. On the other hand, people have to pay very high costs to receive proper treatments. So, humanity has already received all sorts of proofs that egoism is the main cause of the devastation of our health and that it prevents us from the correct way of life.

These doctrines apply not only to healthcare, since health starts with pure air, balanced food, good ecology, and a caring attitude toward each other. That’s why all of life requires correction in order to build a good basis for maintaining human health.

The big question is if today this task coincides with doctors, pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers health care interests. One thing is very obvious: common people suffer from the way it’s currently arranged.
From KabTV’s “Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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  1. This is true million % and its going to be only worse. Now doctors make a lot of money, for example doctors in US making at least $250,000 a year! Not bad right? All hospitals are private and they make hundreds of millions a year! I did a small surgery that monkey could be done, they charge me $6000 for 4 minutes surgery!!!

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