In The Shadow Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: But the end of the correction of the world will only be by bringing all the people in the world under His work.

All our work is to clarify the Creator’s nature and to understand what the attribute of bestowal is. We can do that only from the opposite state, from the state of receiving. So according to the Light of bestowal we feel how opposite we are from it.

Here a person feels rage and has bad feelings. Can he cope with them and overcome them? Or rather, does he close his eyes and remain in his ordinary nature as long as he doesn’t have to take part in the eternal struggle between these two forces that “rub out” his desire, layer after layer, until nothing is left of it? This is actually the problem: How can we cope with these clarifications? How can we check, study, and feel the Creator’s nature out of the created being’s nature?

A person receives an illumination from Above only if he prepares his supporters and the right environment. This includes studying, dissemination, ordinary life, work, tithing, and all the conditions that Kabbalists require. The main thing, of course is the environment, the group, the friends among whom a person clarifies his connection with the Creator. That is how the strings between the Creator’s nature and a person’s nature are woven.

On the whole we feel hatred, repulsion, and understand that this is the normal way since the truth is revealed: The created being discovers how opposite he is from the Creator’s nature. Sometimes the Creator’s nature is revealed in a way that in response, a person simply feels how bad he is towards someone or something, or towards himself.

But if the Light is revealed in all four phases, he begins to understand who he is, who the Creator is, and who the friend with whom he finds himself in different opposite states, is. Thus a person already sees a whole picture.

This is how the Light “plays” with us: Sometimes it opens up a bit more and sometimes a bit less; it isn’t coincidental, but rather according to an accurate program, according to a person’s devotion. To the extent that a person is ready to be under that “shadow,” under the “umbrella” of the teacher, the group, the study, etc., he can be advanced along the spiritual path. So, one way or the other, we always advance qualitatively, deeper into the psychology of the soul.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/16/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Mutual Guarantee”

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