Not Prediction, But Research

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What makes you arrive at conclusions regarding what this world, humanity, and relationships among people will turn into in the future? What is the basis of your prognoses?

Answer: In general, there are multiple predictions that confirm that the upcoming final state of humanity is about equality and mutual inter-dependence; we all see how much our world aspires to it. Who could believe fifty years ago that there would be an African-American president? It seemed impossible!

Nature constantly seeks balance in any form: pressure fluctuations, temperature differences; everything strives to equilibrium. The same applies to human society. To the extent that we achieve correspondence with nature’s general tendencies, to the degree of our understanding that the situation that currently reveals to us pushes us to an overall balance, we’ll arrive at this state through the “mild path,” by “shedding less blood.”

Question: Can we say that your prognoses are built on developmental stages of human egoism?

Answer: Yes, by all means! I am not a “prophet,” I am a researcher. In general, the field of my expertise is exploring egoism, meaning the basis of human nature and the environment in general.

However, humanity develops egoism in a negative way. In the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, advancement of egoism brings benefits to progressing objects, whereas, at the speaking level, it expands contrary to human interests. The question is: How long will our egoism push us ahead and demonstrate to us that it is harmful? How long will it perpetrate conflict between our progress and our negation of the movement? When people approach this state, revolutions, wars, and other dramatic conflicts emerge.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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