Replacement For Egoistic Dependency

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where can people find strength to transition to integral motivation? We usually speak about the crisis and other problems, which push us toward unity, but perhaps there is a gentle click or a phase-like transition to an integral system?

Answer: The truth of the matter is that this cannot be done mechanically. This is the first time that nature is expressed very vividly as a single law of a single system in relation to humankind.

We have reached a state when we have grown egotistically. We have been developing as egoists over the course of many years and, in this way, nature was pushing us forward.

This is why, instead of displaying integrality, the network of the common connection always has displayed its egoistic interdependence: One wanted to make more money, have a better life; another wanted to rule, conquer someone, and so forth. And we realized all these things. This network of connection would always appear between us and, as it manifested through human communication, new nations and continents joined it, but none of this was integral. There was no mutual dependence between them.

It was considered that when I conquer someone, he becomes dependent on me, and vice versa, and this applied to everything: art, science, technology, warfare, and politics. Egoism has always controlled us in a single, direct way. I pressure and receive what I need.

This network consisted of a combination of egoistic forces that were in a constant struggle with one another; in this way, they controlled nations, humanity, and civilization to a certain degree.

However, beginning with the twentieth century, a completely different dependence began to manifest: Specifically, a dependency between these forces, and not simply an inclination to be against each other that forces humanity to fight mercilessly. We suddenly began to tune into one another somehow.

It turns out that you no longer can simply destroy a person because, by doing so, you somewhat destroy a part of yourself, a potential of your own development and existence. In other words, we discovered a strong need for every nation in every element of the common network.

This can be seen very well using the example of ecology. What would we get if we were to destroy flies? What would be the consequence of destroying wolves? However, this is not the way things used to be. It turns out that we did not have this much power over nature. We did not have the ability to do with it as we pleased.

Mainly, there was no integration. There was no quality manifestation of it. We only began to discover this mutual dependence in the beginning of the twentieth century. Vladimir Vernadsky started to write about it back then.

Integrality is increasing and will continue to manifest. This is why we need to think about how we can help humanity realize it.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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