A Rise To New Possibilities

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let’s suppose that a person faces a confrontation between personal and social interests. In what way will he be able to cancel it?

Answer: There’s no need to cancel anything. We don’t need to break ourselves! We only need to take part in workshops where you will gradually get used to discussing everything together with everyone and reaching a common denominator. Moreover, this common denominator is very interesting.

When we gather around the round table and begin a discussion, suddenly inside, between us, a new force is created, which is not just the sum of our yearnings for agreement, but something much higher than us, a result of our efforts to integrate into one another. It’s revealed as something independent that is born from within our efforts, a new force that is one level above us in intelligence, in significance, in importance, and attractiveness. We already don’t want to leave it, to remove ourselves, or to be detached or distanced. Thus, it turns out that through this mutual force, through this feeling of unity that is created, we can solve many problems. We suddenly begin to understand in what way everything around us operates.

We weren’t wearing these integral glasses before. We didn’t see nature in this way or society and all the problems. We saw them in a purely egoistic manner, narrowly, and therefore, we didn’t find solutions because we would escape into our small ego, each one into his or her burrow, and this is all that existed.

However, when we begin to look through our integral component, all of a sudden the solution appears. Suddenly appears a state that really gives a solution to everything, and a person only needs to position himself correctly with respect to all his problems. And it turns out that they aren’t problems. They were problems when you weren’t adapted to them since you were an egoistic individual. And now you are not. Even though you remain within the ego, you are not an individual any more, and thus the problems are solved.

We need to give a person the feeling of the possibility solving everything though “we,” which reveals completely different horizons. We need to bring people to this state. We don’t need to convince them of anything; we don’t need to use force and talk about the change that will occur in them. There won’t be a change, but there will be a rise to completely new possibilities.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/20/12

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