Upbringing Or Taming?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the process of integral education, the sensitivity of our five senses upsurges. However, a person still has to come back to the real world where he needs certain protection since he continues dealing with various negative situations. How can we teach people to cope with the world they return to after they are done with the integral studies?

Answer: After the course of integral studies, people will relate to this world in a different way and perceive it differently. However, we should not teach people exactly how they should relate to the world around them. Rather, we have to change people. If people acknowledge internal changes, they will regard this world differently.

In general, we are giving wrong advice to our children when we teach them not to beat someone, not to fight, not to curse. It is not an upbringing. It is similar to taming animals. We must change them internally so that it would be impossible for them to beat, curse, or fight. This is why we need to go through internal transformation and ascend to the next level, rather than just follow a system of prohibitions.

This is the mistake of  modern-day education and upbringing that orients people to how they should relate to life and to the world. All we must do is to elevate a person. The rest will come naturally.

The same applies to science and the arts. Practically, there is no need to teach anybody anything. If we feel others as ourselves, our sensors begin opening. All of a sudden, a person understands from within how to produce nice musical sounds, for example. It is the most natural education. All we need is to raise others and have them connect with the rest of nature, contrary to their innate egoism.

Based on this, people “expand,” open up, and become one with the environment. People don’t need anything besides it. In such a case, no one can harm us, nor will we be causing any contradictions or problems to others. People will always feel great since they will stay in harmony with the program of creation. They will never trigger any kind of negative impacts. No matter where we are, there will always be a positive atmosphere and benevolence all around us.
From a TV Program “Medicine of the Future,” part 3, 4/7/2013

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