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Dr. Michael LaitmanIn studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we conduct practical scientific research according to the principle, “A judge only has what his eyes see.” In other words, to the extent that we change our nature, we can see the result in the wisdom of Kabbalah. However, these results appear in us. A person is a laboratory. He changes his attributes, and then he discovers a new reality.

Now, I discover a certain dimension within my current attributes, and when I change them, I discover another parallel dimension, and then another and another. These attributes, these layers of reality, are called “levels,” and the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us precisely how I must change myself each time through the society and by the force that develops me that I receive in order to rise to an upper dimension in my new feelings and mind, which are broader and more sublime.

At the same time, my new perception doesn’t erase the previous “picture.” I simply rise higher and higher, by perceiving an upper reality that science talks about. There is no contradiction or conflict between my discoveries and those of science. On the contrary, science seems to be part of my perception.

In fact, tomorrow’s science is actually your perception of the spiritual space. It is “spiritual” in the sense that it appears through the changes in a person.

Thus, we discover the “worlds,” new perceptions, although we don’t know what nature as a whole is. Kabbalists tell us that there are currently 125 levels of the development of our perception before us. I discover each one according to the Reshimot (informational genes), the Masachim (screens), and the degrees of Aviut (the depth of the desire). Everything is calculated and measured; all ticks like clockwork; everything is revealed to me according to the changes that I perform internally. I change, which means that I attain. I change again and attain again, again and again.

Thus, the process continues until the stage called “the end of our correction.” Kabbalists don’t tell us what happens afterward, although they speak about the levels of the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth millennia and beyond. They end their explanations at the final correction because it is impossible to speak about the rest of the process.

You will have to go through all the 125 levels to the end, and then you will go through another change, a change that you go through since you rise from our world to the spiritual world. This is a true change of perception, an inner revolution that will take place again at the end of correction when you become totally integral, whole, like the Creator. Then, after you are corrected, you will be worthy and ready for something more sublime for which there are no words today. It is because, in the spiritual levels, you already transcend time. You transcend life and death, place and motion, and all the limitations of this world. What is more, we cannot speak about the further stages. Our current mind and feelings simply aren’t able to touch them.

So, now, we discuss another question, a question regarding humanity that, for the time being, perceives the world through five corporeal, animal senses. How can it acquire five additional senses called Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin and Malchut?

We acquire them according to the level of the correction of the five levels of thickness of our desire, which are the root phase, phase one, two, three, and four. I develop the five senses on top of the thickness that is constantly growing, both quantitatively and qualitatively. My “animal” body remains as it is, while, at the same time, I perceive and identify new parts of nature, layer by layer.

The interesting point is that even the smallest part, which appears in a general, fuzzy scale, still helps me understand and feel all of reality to the end of all the 125 levels.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy“

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