Seeing The World As It Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah is a special wisdom which actually explains everything. However, one must attain it. It isn’t perceived by the mind and the desires we were born with, not through our nature.

We were born on the “animate” level” and we have to develop the properties of the next level in us, the “human” (Adam) level, which means resembling (Domeh – resemble in Hebrew) the upper force.

In our corporeal reality we also receive different signals from the world around us according to our equivalence to it. I perceive the world around me according to my sensitivity to the range of frequencies and to the sensitivity of my senses of sight, hearing, and other senses, but, in addition, many other frequencies exist, all different sources, which I don’t perceive. I perceive the world only in the range of frequencies that my senses are tuned to or through the instruments I can create in order to expand the range of these frequencies, and not more than that. We don’t create something that we don’t have; we only expand what we have.

On the other hand, in order to reveal the upper force, we have to create a totally new additional sense inside us. It is new qualitatively; since all our senses are locked on receiving, on the egoistic intention for one’s self, we perceive the world around us only with regard to what concerns us: what good we can receive from it and what bad things to avoid.

Initially I perceive the world through the filter of my five senses, in the frequencies I am tuned to. Besides that, there is my ego, which filters every thing according to one principle, “Will it be good or bad for me?” If there is no response in our huge desire for something, in the estimate of the potential benefit or the harm, then I don’t perceive and don’t see it. We only perceive what our desire wants, which means what is positive or negative for it, or what can harm me or bring me contentment—then I see it.

With such an approach, even if we expand our senses by creating different instruments such as telescopes, microscopes, etc., nothing will help since our ego, which is behind them, will still classify everything according to this scale.

Seeing The World As It Is
There is a lot of research on this issue by psychologists and physicists. In modern physics, there is the concept of the “observer.” At first Newton’s physics claimed that the universe is as we see it. The picture that was depicted was rather simple, although Newton studied the wisdom of Kabbalah and also studied Hebrew in order to read the original version of the sources.

Then came Albert Einstein and Hugh Everett who reached a different phrasing of the concept: The world around us is as we perceive it; in fact, it is totally different, but as we perceive it, we change, tilt, and break it by our attributes. By observing any physical events, we distort them just by viewing them, and as a result they will not be as they were without us.

So, it isn’t enough that we perceive everything through the filter of our ego, but even when we just look at something, by our participation, we interfere with the picture of the world. Look at a star and it is already different just by your looking at it; this is what physicists say.

Today, we reach the understanding that there is a different perception of the world, not the formal perception that is based on our animal attributes. The wisdom of Kabbalah puts it simply; it says: Instead of your ordinary sense, instead of the ego in which you receive only for your own good, stabilize a different sense, make it totally different, make it in order to bestow. If you open the attribute of this new sense so that it is focused outside yourself, you will determine what the world actually looks like. You will see that it is totally different; you will see that it is real. In addition, you will change yourself. The new sense that will appear in you is called a “soul.”

Actually, it doesn’t matter what you call it. One way or the other, with this new sense, you will see the whole external world that “hasn’t been touched” as it is—the forces, the connections, and its goals. You will be so adapted to it and so connected to it that everything that is in your ego, your animal state, your animal body, will simply “die.” This means that you will not feel it—this is how microscopic the current feeling of life will seem to you compared to what you will feel when you discover the world outside yourself and exist in it.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah leads a person to.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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