Anti-Globalization And A Global Government

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Globalization is actually an example of the unity of the world, but how do you explain the movements against globalization? Globalization also involves the creation of a global government that is rejected by many.

Answer: The point is that the definition of globalization/integration is perceived by many in different ways. I mean by this the forced connection of the world and the unavoidable interdependence of everyone.

It is not expressed in every aspect of life yet. There are areas in which it is expressed and there are areas in which it is less evident, but it is increasing daily. Nature is advancing towards integration and it is unavoidable. We have to see what is happening in nature and not what people like and what they don’t based on their personal interests.

The world is becoming global despite our desire. We are egoists and we don’t feel a need for it at all. Today we already see that we cannot manage the world. People accept the possibility of war. There is powerlessness, helplessness, and people lack the means to manage things.

We are all in one network, and it is expressed more strongly now. By the way, there is a lot of research on this issue. I hope that our inner efforts will wake the world up through this collective network, and they will feel and understand that we are mutually connected to such an extent that no one can feel good if another feels bad. There is nowhere to run. It is like in a family: If there is a problem with someone in the family, then it is your problem; you are connected to everyone! This is how we will feel everyone regardless of distances or anything else.

This is a feeling that comes gradually and will be felt by everyone. It may lead to great problems in the world since there are many who oppose globalization, and we can certainly understand them.

“Let’s separate!” Each of us has the immediate urge to move to a distant place like Alaska and live there in peace. “No matter how long I live, I want to live quietly. Why do I need to think about this globalization all day long?” So there are different protectionist movements that urge governments to defend themselves; we see what is happening in Europe: to separate or not to separate? We will not be able to separate. We cannot!

A few months ago when I went to a convention in Italy, we had a meeting with a representative of the EU. We talked for an hour and a half. They understand very well that they mustn’t separate, that we are all connected, and it isn’t even a matter of banks or military alliances. Today you simply will not be able to separate. You can isolate a certain country, but by that you will bring about its destruction. So globalization is already a fact.

What can we do with this?

Humanity has no tools to deal with it. It is only possible to manage globalization if you are global too, if you have a global sense, a global consciousness, a global approach. You must become integral internally and feel this whole system in its analog, general, closed form. However, we are not managed that way internally, since we are egoists. When you rise above your ego, you begin to feel how the integral analog system, in which everything is mutually connected, operates.

Imagine a large family of 20 people; imagine how you solve your problems in such a family. There are a few thousand dollars on the table, which you have made, and you have to invest it in the family. Just as you take everyone into account in order to solve family problems, you have to take into account all the problems in the world to solve them today. Who can do that?

The desire to separate is great; it seemingly would free us of some headaches, but it is already impossible to break apart.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the possibility of a world war that may force people through the path of suffering to acknowledge the fact that the world is global and integral and we have to solve things differently. But how? By rising above the ego, this is the next level of our development. Nature, together with us, has reached the end of its development on the egoistic animate level and it has to develop to the “human” level. It isn’t part of nature yet. The “human” level is higher than the “animal” level in us. This is what we have to develop by ourselves, and in order to do that we were given freewill.

As for a global government, it is still impossible to establish one. You see how the European leaders have cashed in on this idea and don’t think about it anymore. It is possible to establish global leadership only by people who have ascended above their ego and who feel and understand this system. If this doesn’t happen, then we will see the same things that happened with the Soviet regime.

It isn’t even enough for the global government to be made of people who have ascended above their ego, who would it manage? Who will listen to it? After all, everyone else is an egoist.

So we must first deal with integral education. We have to educate people, to draw them to such a level that they will begin to understand that there is no choice and that we must rise above ourselves. We have to think that everyone should have the same reasonable standard of living, and everything else should be invested in connecting. Either life will force us or we can educate ourselves that way. So the problem is only in integral education.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 2

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