A General Problem Requires A General Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Coming back to the topic of Israelis protesting rent prices: Are we allowed to add a certain “surplus value” to it?

Answer: If we gather together to solve the housing problem and achieve mutual guarantee between us, our power is increased manifold. It isn’t a simple unification of soldiers on the battlefield or athletes on a sports team. Rather, we unite to solve a problem not for ourselves personally, but for the entire country.

As concerns housing, we’re dealing with a cartel that’s in cahoots with the government. They’re working together and making lots of money thereby. We see that the former head of government as well as mayors of several major cities are under investigation. Any way you slice it, the authorities are connected to real estate.

A private house in America costs $150,000, and that’s with people making a lot more money on average. But our prices are twice as high. Does anybody really think we’re dealing with some special, unsolvable problems here? No, it’s nothing but corruption. Usually there are limits to this sort of thing, but not in our country.

We need to set a goal to put a stop to this and solve this problem, which has truly become national. Then we will act in the interest of everybody and won’t rest even if everyone will be given their own private house. We must do this for the sake of the people.

If our protesters arm themselves with this intention, they will achieve a great deal. They may even form a public movement which will not stop until it reaches success.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/20/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Gurantee)”

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