Experts, Speak Out!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is very difficult to explain to people that the solution to the burning problems lies in the interconnection between people.

Answer: No, it’s not. After all, we are supported by many specialists—not just theoretical physicists, but scientists who research nature and current problems, including economists, politicians, sociologists, psychologists, bankers, and representatives of large companies.

Today everyone is talking about the economy because it is a connection between us: how much do you owe me and how much to I owe you. This is not culture or art, religion or ethics. It is money, a precise measuring device of our mutual bestowal. This is a net of the correct, egoistic, healthy, solid connection between us. We have ruined it with our “bubbles,” but by itself it was surprisingly adequate.

And so, we have to explain to people that this network is no longer working. And this has to be explained by the experts whom we will attract—thousands of people who stand at the head of the world: bank directors, corporate analysts, and so on. Let them talk while we will stand on the sidelines. After them the word will be passed over to the scientists, and then to representatives of the education system. Go ahead—take others and use them.

That is how I see it happening today.

Question: The average person will be curious to hear them out in his free time, but this is still far away from his personal cares and the troubles he encounters in life.

Answer: There is no other solution. We have to give time for the initial phase to transpire, until we convince man that this is where the problem lies. In order to understand the world’s troubles, it is necessary to study what is happening. It’s like a sick person who “plows” through the internet searching for information about his illness and the means to cure it. Thus, we only have to give people a “link,” a connecting cord between what is happening now and the solution.

This task is incumbent on scientists, and we have to act in this direction without any further delay. We will implant and disseminate their, not our, explanations, which are weighty and well-founded. In principle, we have to become an “advertising machine” that quickly brings the rush of information from the experts to the masses. Without mentioning ourselves, we will raise them in the ratings, publish them on sites, and promote them on networks.

We don’t even need our own portal. We don’t want to “win people over” to it from the territory they are used to. This is real work on dissemination.

Question: What should a small person understand from this who does not understand anything and eats whatever he is fed? Is it enough to give him the message that together is good and apart is bad?

Answer: Yes. And a “big person” also has to understand just this. You’re not really planning to tell him about the altruistic intention Lishma, are you? He is not ripe for this on the inside yet. It is written, “Raise a lad in his own way.”

Question: Does this mean that similar to the people who used Facebook as a means to force manufacturers to lower prices on their products, we should simply push governments to unite?

Answer: Yes. We are looking for experts, those who not only understand the idea, but are able to put together a working action and then to make it happen. There are several million people in the world who would like to and are able to join this work that will have to be carried out. This “army” only needs to be organized to carry out the task.

In the meantime, we will remain behind the scenes. Today we don’t need the television anymore. After all, all of humanity is on the internet already. That is the only way we will be able to organize ourselves and that is what our dissemination enterprise will be doing as well. These are the changes we have to start making now, without any further delay.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/11, “Arvut

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Becoming Global On The Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst of all we have to change our paradigm, our outlook on life and the world. I have to change on the inside, change the boot disk, renew my standard for evaluating myself, the world, and society. Without changing man, we will not be able to change the world. After all, the world is his copy.

Human nature is the basis upon which society, the environment, learning, culture, economy, and all other spheres of activity are built. The world is an external projection of what is concealed inside a person. Therefore, it is precisely man who needs to be changed. All the efforts have to be concentrated precisely on this.

The problem is not the economy, production, or education. Everything will normalize when man changes. And for that he has to be educated. Education or upbringing is, in essence, man’s inner transformation. No external “band-aids” will help.

Maybe this idea should be presented to the UN, UNESCO, and governments, explaining that our only objective is to change man. After all, without that he will not change the world.

That is why today humanity’s best minds do not understand what to do and what to change. We have entered a level that demands new, qualitative changes from us. From now on we have to act in our world with the help of a quality called “guarantee.” We can only do it together. By yourself you won’t achieve anything.

For example, a person who opens up a business will discover that it is connected with all of the businesses of the world and therefore they must also be taken into account. Otherwise there won’t be any success.

From here on you cannot take one step without considering the common, global system. And therefore, you have to be global and united with everyone yourself, on the inside.

But I’m not global. So what should I do? Could it really be that I will never see success without that? True, I won’t see it. This is an immutable law. Without an integral interconnection you won’t achieve success in anything. Take a look: We are already immersed in multiple crises. And there is only one way out: To change ourselves.

How can we change? How can we reformat ourselves? How can we brainwash ourselves? How can we un-install the old program and install a new one? After all, from now on I have to have a common sensation and mind with everyone so my actions will naturally correspond to the new state. My very nature has to change.

This can be done by the “Light that reforms.” People will discover it anyway. Maybe they will do it by the path of great suffering, but there is no other way to go. You have to change in order to change the world, and you have the means for that.
However, you have to get to that Light by means of the realization of evil in order to understand what you lack, “I have to change!” But how do you know? And how exactly should you change? Do you have a desire that’s formed? Not yet.

That is why you have been given a field in which to work (the group), a means (the science of Kabbalah), and instructional advice (the teacher). Go ahead, act, start becoming included in the system of guarantee, playing it in order to discover the flaw that you have to correct. Then you will have something with which to turn to the Light for correction.

You won’t even have to go anywhere: To the extent your desires become formed and clarified, the Light will begin to act by itself. After all, you are inside of it, and therefore it immediately works in conformity with your efforts. As soon as you build something inside of you, the Light immediately influences you. This way, gradually, you change even without seeing the little wheels that spin inside of you.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/11, “Arvut

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Partners In Conversation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you choose who you will speak with?

Answer: There are people who describe events. They study them like scientists or publicists. And there are also those who delve deeper into developments and research their general direction, inner meaning, and cause and effect; they can examine developments deeply, looking through and beyond them—at their connections and goals, as well as the purpose of the force that develops and directs them.

Kabbalists have an ability to analyze developments at the deepest level. But any researchers are of interest to me as it helps to expose a general tendency in the world at the level of scientists, publicists, and the masses.

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Globalization Is The Source Of Conflicts

Opinion: (Michael D. Intriligator, Professor Emeritus of economics, political science and public policy, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)): Globalization is a powerful real aspect of the new world system, and it represents one of the most influential forces in determining the future course of the planet. It has manifold dimensions: economic, political, security, environmental, health, social, cultural, and others.” It contains within itself both the force of repulsion (increases competition and leads to international conflicts) and the force of attraction (the potential of global cooperation).

“The challenge is to create a new world system …The key to such a world system will be cooperation among the nations of the world…Overall, the challenge of globalization will require truly cooperative efforts of the great nations.…

It will be necessary to reinvent existing institutions and/or to create new ones so as to deal with economic challenges, such as the problems of distribution and mutual vulnerability stemming from globalization. These institutions must have global perspectives and responses and they will require substantial resources and enforcement mechanisms, including some elements of supranational decision-making and authority, along with appropriate transparency and accountability.”
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And The Secret Will Come To Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I cannot understand the meaning of creation and the existence of our world. Is this the creature’s fault or the Creator’s design? Who is to blame for this misunderstanding?

Answer: No one is to blame here. We are in a state where instead of the world of Infinity, immense and perfect, we see our world and ourselves as imperfect. So, let’s make an effort to view everything in the light of bestowal, rather than in the light of reception. Then, we will see that in reality, we are completely corrected, in a vast and perfect sphere filled with the Light, the Creator.

There was nothing else. It was just a misunderstanding of where we existed. We exist in this beautiful realm now, just as we did in the beginning. So let’s put our efforts into making this a reality.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 7/10/2011

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Make Life A Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to extend our corporeal existence in this world by attaining spirituality? Does one affect the other?

Answer: A person needs to aspire to complete his spiritual path in this corporeal life. Attaining this state means that his life really was a success. This depends on him.

The number of years of his existence does not depend on him. Filling his existence with corrections does. Regardless, one’s corporeal path is such that it allows one to attain his or her correction over the course of these years. This opportunity is given. The rest depends on a person.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 7/10/2011

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A Game Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The daily lesson is divided into five parts. Should the intention be the same throughout?

Answer: Of course! That’s all there is since the entire Torah speaks only of the connection between us.

The first part of the lesson focuses on how we should relate to the connection between us and use it to reveal the general quality of bestowal: the Creator. It’s like an introduction before actualization, like having the rules of the game explained before it begins. That’s the first part of the lesson.

The second part of the lesson is the game itself. Here is where we should genuinely try to do the following:

  • To always think about the network of connection between us;
  • To always listen to what The Zohar speaks of;
  • To combine and to connect The Zohar’s text to the bond with the friends that you imagine so that the connection with the friends will assume the form that The Zohar describes.

Naturally, The Zohar speaks of the bond between us at very exalted degrees. But as we imagine ourselves at these exalted degrees, in those states, we will grow, as children do when they imagine themselves being adults, since the upper state described by The Zohar will influence us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/2011, The Zohar

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Americans Fear Another Great Depression

In the News (from “Approximately 48 percent of Americans say they think that a Great Depression is either very or somewhat likely to occur within the year according to a CNN Opinion Research Poll, the highest percentage of respondents that have stated that level of certainty since CNN first started asking the question in October 2008. Respondents’ fear that they would soon become unemployed also spiked to an all-time high of 30 percent….”

“‘That’s not just economic pessimism,’ CNN polling director Keating Holling told CNN, reflecting on the polling results, ‘that’s economic fatalism.'”

The nation’s overall unemployment rate sits at 8.8 percent and the rate among white Americans is at 7.9 percent. 15.5 percent of African Americans are out of work and still looking for a job.

During the global recession (1929-1939), later called the Great Depression, the highest level of unemployment rose to 23.6% in the USA.

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The Ladder Of Properties

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, Chapter “Truma (Donation),” Item 503: “You shall make a table.” A table stands inside the tabernacle with a high blessing upon it, and food for the entire world coming out of it. This table need not be empty for even a minute, but food should be on it because there is no blessing on an empty place. For this reason, there must always be bread on it so that the high blessing is always in it. From that table, blessing and food go forth to all the tables in the world, which are blessed thanks to it.

The key during the reading of The Book of Zohar is to organize the system of values within oneself so that by every word, one would move along the ladder of properties and inner definitions, understanding that everything exists within one’s desire. This desire has multiple shades, and within them, one has to try to understand the study material. Then, as a result of these efforts, the Surrounding Light will come to him.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/2011, The Zohar

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A New Book In Swedish

A New Book in Swedish My new book on Kabbalah is being published in Sweden. It is the translation of my book A Spiritual Quest originally published in Russian.

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