Becoming Global On The Inside

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst of all we have to change our paradigm, our outlook on life and the world. I have to change on the inside, change the boot disk, renew my standard for evaluating myself, the world, and society. Without changing man, we will not be able to change the world. After all, the world is his copy.

Human nature is the basis upon which society, the environment, learning, culture, economy, and all other spheres of activity are built. The world is an external projection of what is concealed inside a person. Therefore, it is precisely man who needs to be changed. All the efforts have to be concentrated precisely on this.

The problem is not the economy, production, or education. Everything will normalize when man changes. And for that he has to be educated. Education or upbringing is, in essence, man’s inner transformation. No external “band-aids” will help.

Maybe this idea should be presented to the UN, UNESCO, and governments, explaining that our only objective is to change man. After all, without that he will not change the world.

That is why today humanity’s best minds do not understand what to do and what to change. We have entered a level that demands new, qualitative changes from us. From now on we have to act in our world with the help of a quality called “guarantee.” We can only do it together. By yourself you won’t achieve anything.

For example, a person who opens up a business will discover that it is connected with all of the businesses of the world and therefore they must also be taken into account. Otherwise there won’t be any success.

From here on you cannot take one step without considering the common, global system. And therefore, you have to be global and united with everyone yourself, on the inside.

But I’m not global. So what should I do? Could it really be that I will never see success without that? True, I won’t see it. This is an immutable law. Without an integral interconnection you won’t achieve success in anything. Take a look: We are already immersed in multiple crises. And there is only one way out: To change ourselves.

How can we change? How can we reformat ourselves? How can we brainwash ourselves? How can we un-install the old program and install a new one? After all, from now on I have to have a common sensation and mind with everyone so my actions will naturally correspond to the new state. My very nature has to change.

This can be done by the “Light that reforms.” People will discover it anyway. Maybe they will do it by the path of great suffering, but there is no other way to go. You have to change in order to change the world, and you have the means for that.
However, you have to get to that Light by means of the realization of evil in order to understand what you lack, “I have to change!” But how do you know? And how exactly should you change? Do you have a desire that’s formed? Not yet.

That is why you have been given a field in which to work (the group), a means (the science of Kabbalah), and instructional advice (the teacher). Go ahead, act, start becoming included in the system of guarantee, playing it in order to discover the flaw that you have to correct. Then you will have something with which to turn to the Light for correction.

You won’t even have to go anywhere: To the extent your desires become formed and clarified, the Light will begin to act by itself. After all, you are inside of it, and therefore it immediately works in conformity with your efforts. As soon as you build something inside of you, the Light immediately influences you. This way, gradually, you change even without seeing the little wheels that spin inside of you.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/11, “Arvut

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