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Introductory Lecture “The Inclination War” – 07.06.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “The Inclination War”
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An Overly Complicated System Requires A Solution

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Pavel Tsygankov, PhD, Moscow State University professor): The laws of international systems that we have discovered so far are not stringent enough to use them as the basis for making an accurate prognosis.

Complicated systems have a life of their own, and even control over separate parts of the system does not provide control over the system as a whole. Every action undertaken within the framework of such a system has undetermined consequences, which can neither be predicted nor traced.

If we are to take into consideration the different views of the seven billion people inhabiting the planet, the two hundred governments that control them, the innumerable autonomous bodies, thousands of non-governmental organizations, the religious affiliations, ethical societies, the world economy, the expanding systems of telecommunication, and the growth of the volume of information, it will become obvious that the area of international relations is the most complicated system outside of nature itself.

My Comment: We are arriving at the conclusion that only absolute reciprocity that resembles a single organism will be able to create a safe and healthy system out of seven billion people. But to achieve this, we need new kind of education, education of an integral person. Each one of us needs to be made into a particle of a single organism. At the same time, every person will not turn into a robot. On the contrary, they will begin to perceive the entire single organism as their own, and through this they will discover eternal and perfect nature.

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A Road Without Signs

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem lies in the fact that we don’t understand how far we are from the quality of bestowal. Each small action brings us a step closer to the goal. This is how we advance on this path, millimeter by millimeter, and not a single millimeter can be skipped over.

Today, the path is concealed from us. For example, during this meal, we’ll go through 20 to 30 millimeters of Reshimot (reminiscences). This is a lot, but no one is going to feel it. This is how it will be until we reach the entrance to the spiritual world. Only then will we feel it.

For now, it’s as though we’re going to Madrid via a highway with no signs, and we don’t know how much longer we have to go. This makes the first meter and the last meter on the road before I see Madrid exactly the same for me. All along the way, nothing seems to happen, just the same highway, trees, and fields.

We don’t realize how many small actions we make every second that, together, compose our advancement. It is no accident that there are no signs and mileage indicators along that path. It is done so that the person would learn to receive pleasure from the journey itself. If you’re advancing toward bestowal, then even in the darkness, you should experience joy. Otherwise, you are just demanding a reward.

For this reason, a person shouldn’t wait for the end of the path; there is no end. The path ends when you decide for yourself: “I don’t have a destination. I’m content with what I have. The only thing I want is to find pleasure from bestowal.” You receive the reward when you stop demanding it, and this means that you’ve attained the goal.
From the Talk during the Meal in Madrin 6/3/2011

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To Save Euro, The Crisis Has To Get Worse

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Anatole Kaletsky, one of the leading commentators on economics, formerly Economics Editor and now Editor-at-large of The Times): There are two possible solutions for the Greek crisis: The first solution would be for Greece to default on its debts and leave the euro…. The second would be for the EU to accept collective responsibility for roughly half of Athens’ debts….

This second solution is much more likely, because a break-up of the euro is unacceptable to the German and French governments – and a break-up would surely follow a sudden Greek default. If Greece found itself unable to borrow in euros and devalued its citizens’ savings into a new currency, the Irish would fear similar treatment and immediately transfer their savings to German banks, destroying Ireland’s banks and forcing it to exit the euro. That capital flight, in turn, would pose a mortal danger to the membership of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and even France.

In the end, the creditworthy euro members will have to accept collective responsibility for about 500 billion ($681bn) of Greek, Irish, and Portuguese debts if they want to ensure the single currency’s survival…”

But egoism stands in the way: “The creditor countries do not want to accept an additional euro-federal debt burden, while the debtor countries are even more resistant to the loss of national sovereignty and democratic self-determination…. The implication is that both the creditor and the debtor countries will resist the only possible solution to the euro crisis until they have exhausted every possible alternative.

Ironically, therefore, a continuous threat of crisis is the necessary condition for even temporary financial stability in Europe. As for the “quantum leap” to fiscal federalism that Trichet has rightly identified as the key to the crisis, the logical requirement for this to happen is that the crisis must get even worse.

European leaders hope, by contrast, that the crisis can be resolved gradually, avoiding the need for radical measures, because conditions will improve through the passage of time…. There are, however, two much more powerful ways in which time works against the euro’s survival.” The debtor countries are aware of their strength: Germany, France, and the EU are willing to pay anything, just to appease Greece or Ireland, if they threaten to default.

“If Europe’s politicians genuinely want to save the euro, they must make the quantum leap to a fiscal federation – and do it soon.”

My Comment: These schemes appear very simple if we translate everything that happens into the two forces: the egoistic forces of people, countries, and the world and the altruistic force of the Creator or Nature. They are in conflict, and Nature patiently teaches people the irreversibility of the development process and the necessity to make mutual concessions and come to an agreement, unity, mutual guarantee, and love.

Thus, two camps, the weak and the strong, teach each other concessions, demonstrate how much they need each other—to the point when they realize the necessity to unite fully, above all their differences. Nature will force them to do it!

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Living To Escape The Question About Meaning

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are in a reality where we have developed over thousands of years. At first we were savages, not knowing what for, how, and why—real animals. Then we started having human relations with one another, formed a society, and started developing technology.

And thus, gradually, through all of these events, we are discovering a process that was goal-oriented from the onset. New facets of desire were always revealed in humanity, continuously pushing us to a new turn in our development in order to fulfill ourselves. However, once we achieved a specific state, a specific level of development, we started experiencing desires that could not be realized in our world.

Man is suddenly contemplating things that you cannot find here. Food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, in different variations and combinations—this is the entire selection. It would seem: What else can there be? And yet, one sunny day, man starts having new questions: about his root and about the reason for existence. Suddenly he notices that every object has a reason, a process, and a result—a beginning, development, and end. Apparently, I am not an exception?

This question no longer belongs to the animate level, but to the human in us. Until it appeared, creatures having the form of humans did not ask about life, or if they did ask about it, then they were satisfied by different methods of self-appeasement. But we are talking about a person wishing to know, “What am I for? Why am I here? Where did I come from and where am I going?” So how can he receive answers to his questions?

First he has to uncover the actual question because it is not simple. Any person can ask it, but the entire matter here is the depth of the question, its direction. After all, a question is a vessel, a Kli.

In the end a person becomes completely confused. Besides, by our nature we aspire to self-appeasement, which we accomplish by means of all sorts of actions, customs, and habits. I do something and I feel good. So let’s establish customs that will help us receive psychological compensation and fulfillment. That is how we lull ourselves, not wishing to reveal our question in its entire depth and to use it to develop, to get down to the truth. We don’t care about the truth, but about comfort.

Stated differently, I am not happy about the emergence of this new vessel or new desire in me, which sends me off to search for something, forces me to make an analysis, and evokes inner suffering. Ideally I should be enjoying it because that’s how I develop, and development is more important than transient sensations. However, what do I need this for if I’m able to fulfill myself and dampen my ardor without it just as well? What I have is enough for me.

And soon after, I am overcome by fatigue and vexed by life’s difficulties. Old age is creeping on and a person agrees to the small instead of the great.

Thus, our problem, and a great obstacle for us lies in rising from the regular level of development to the spiritual level —the human level.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/11, Matan Torah

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The Eurozone Will Fall Apart In Two Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Centre for Economics and Business Research (CERB)): “New forecasts released today mean that it is almost certain that the Eurozone will break up within the next five years and probably by 2013.

The combination of austerity packages, exports held back by the overall value of the euro and the structural impact of low tech exports facing massive competition from East Asia means that the prospects for growth for Southern Europe in the Eurozone are bleak.”

My Comment: So the EU is not a community, but a bazaar, a farce, so to speak, but not a commonwealth. Although the EU is no more than a union of egoists, built to strengthen itself against the whole world, its collapse will lead to the degradation of the member states because any estrangement is against the forces of nature.

It will be similar to Ancient Babylon, which ceased to exist during the division of society into separate parts at the time of Abraham and Nimrod 3700 years ago.
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Finishing Abraham’s Business

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we are completing what Abraham had started when he taught the sons of his concubines different spiritual practices which precede the actual spiritual work for the sake of bestowal. He instilled in them the foundations of belief systems and sent them off to eastern lands. Later, the same work of Abraham has materialized through the people of Israel who, after the destruction of the Temple, fell from the spiritual level and gave rise to religions thereby.

Thus the beliefs, which originated in the times of Abraham, and religions, which came about in the times of the destruction of the Temple, essentially represent stages of the inclusion of the method of Israel into the nations of the world. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam among others have been advancing humanity towards the understanding of Godliness. People would have remained complete barbarians without them.

In our time, after thousands of years of evolution, it is hard for us to imagine a person who does not ponder at all about this and the future worlds, the Creator, or good and evil. If there were no religions, we would not have culture, education, and a human society in its modern understanding.

We simply are not aware of the role that religions have played in advancing humanity. Universities have appeared due to religions. In the desire to spread religions, people have discovered new continents, settled new lands, and aspired towards something in the future.

This way, the spiritual message became part of the egoism of our world and it has reached people who had no connection with the Creator and no desire for Him for the lack of the point in the heart. However, now they have a certain impulse, belonging, and fear before the future world, a possible punishment, and something above this life.

They have a feeling of something greater and foresee certain things. And even though corporeal images appear in their imagination, even though this is idolatry, still, something close to a human is beginning to grow out of a “higher animal.” They already think about things that animals do not care for.

Previously, people did not think beyond a closed cycle of income, food, reproduction, and death. We simply are not aware of the contribution of religion into human culture and art.

However, today our development is coming to an end, and the global crisis, grasping the entire humanity, is the sign of it. Religion is not the problem: We simply can no longer keep sustaining an egoistic society that lives according to the laws of self-love.

Our egoism has brought us to its spiritual component. Money has become a “spiritual value” for people and forced them to blow unthinkable bubbles in the economy by selling air to one another in the form of virtual businesses.

This has brought us to the need for a change. We are facing real spiritual work for the sake of bestowal.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/2011, Ramchal’s “The Wisdom Article”

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The Force From Outside

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur development can be divided into two parts:

1. All of the inevitable phases when people are able to calm themselves down with life and actions within the boundaries of our world.
2. The phase when a person understands that none of the means that he has at his disposal are effective anymore and he has to attain the root.

Then everything that’s external recedes into the background, as it is written, “The Creator does not care about how you cut a sacrificial animal—from the throat or the nape of the neck.” In other words, there are no actions in our world through which we really can attain the Creator. Therefore, we have to find a new, completely different means—the Light that reforms. Thanks to this force, we begin to develop ourselves.

There is a very clear delineation here:

– Either we are in our world and use its attributes because our desire is only here, and we desire to receive what this world has to offer, and in addition we hope for something more after death;
– Or we want to reveal a new means in this life that is not present in our world—the Light that reforms, a new, special force that opens us up and starts to bring to light completely new desires and fulfillments in us, which are completely different from anything we knew to this day.

I live like a person in our world—with a family, job, and social relationships, with all of my knowledge and feelings, but this person is in no way connected with what forms inside of me under the influence of the Light that reforms. It develops the soul inside of me, the part of the Creator from above, the Divine image that I attain and build inside of me, participating in the process together with the Light. In that case, what came before is called “the animate level” whereas the new part if called “human” (Adam) because it is similar (Domeh) to the Creator.

That is why external actions don’t matter. Only one thing can help me—to attract the Light that reforms. There is no other force that can raise me from the animate level to the human degree. The only thing necessary here is a force from outside, and the entire Kabbalsitic method is aimed only at this.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/11, Matan Torah

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The Spiritual Division Of Labor

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are the giving vessels, Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), called “Israel,” which means “straight to the Creator.” Just these vessels can draw the Light because they are closer to it and contain only the force of bestowal.

There are also the receiving vessels, AHP, “the nations of the world.” In reality, namely they are important, and everything is done for them. However, they themselves are not able to receive the Light directly if the vessels of Israel do not conduct the Light to them.

This is the division of roles: Galgalta ve Eynaim must draw the Light for AHP, and AHP must supply its desire to Galgalta ve Eynaim so that they carry the Light for AHP. Only this mutual cooperation will let us achieve the final correction.

All the people in the world who have “the point in the heart,” meaning the inclination to attract the Light, are called “Isra-El” or “Yashar El,”in Hebrew – “straight to the Creator.”  And all those who lack this inclination cannot attract the Light directly and are called “the nations of the world,” AHP. Together, they use their nature to attract the Light and receive the revelation of the Creator in the collective vessel.

Thus, in order to establish a connection between them, Israel goes through the breaking. It rises to the end of correction, to the level of the Temple, and then the Temple is destroyed, that is, Israel falls from the spiritual height into the forces of filth, into the nations of the world, and intermixes with them so that AHP is included in Galgalta ve Eynaim, and Galgalta ve Eynaim is included in AHP. As a result, both of them are in the egoistic intention.

However, when the mixing or “exile” ends, they can attract the Light and realize correction. First, Galgalta ve Eynaim is corrected, which are purer vessels that still retain the Reshimot, records of the corrected state.

They have the ability to draw the Light, and through mutual inclusion with AHP, they have someone for whom they can attract this Light. Then, AHP receives illumination from Galgalta ve Eynaim, which is sufficient to extend the line of connection upwards. As a result, all of them complete the ten Sefirot and draw the great Light. Thus, in mutual interaction, we arrive to the end of correction.

Today, we are at the beginning of correction of Galgalta ve Eynaim, Israel. If they correct themselves, to that degree they will be able to bring correction to AHP, to the nations of the world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/2011, Ramchal’s “The Wisdom Article”

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