The Eurozone Will Fall Apart In Two Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Centre for Economics and Business Research (CERB)): “New forecasts released today mean that it is almost certain that the Eurozone will break up within the next five years and probably by 2013.

The combination of austerity packages, exports held back by the overall value of the euro and the structural impact of low tech exports facing massive competition from East Asia means that the prospects for growth for Southern Europe in the Eurozone are bleak.”

My Comment: So the EU is not a community, but a bazaar, a farce, so to speak, but not a commonwealth. Although the EU is no more than a union of egoists, built to strengthen itself against the whole world, its collapse will lead to the degradation of the member states because any estrangement is against the forces of nature.

It will be similar to Ancient Babylon, which ceased to exist during the division of society into separate parts at the time of Abraham and Nimrod 3700 years ago.
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