The Force From Outside

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur development can be divided into two parts:

1. All of the inevitable phases when people are able to calm themselves down with life and actions within the boundaries of our world.
2. The phase when a person understands that none of the means that he has at his disposal are effective anymore and he has to attain the root.

Then everything that’s external recedes into the background, as it is written, “The Creator does not care about how you cut a sacrificial animal—from the throat or the nape of the neck.” In other words, there are no actions in our world through which we really can attain the Creator. Therefore, we have to find a new, completely different means—the Light that reforms. Thanks to this force, we begin to develop ourselves.

There is a very clear delineation here:

– Either we are in our world and use its attributes because our desire is only here, and we desire to receive what this world has to offer, and in addition we hope for something more after death;
– Or we want to reveal a new means in this life that is not present in our world—the Light that reforms, a new, special force that opens us up and starts to bring to light completely new desires and fulfillments in us, which are completely different from anything we knew to this day.

I live like a person in our world—with a family, job, and social relationships, with all of my knowledge and feelings, but this person is in no way connected with what forms inside of me under the influence of the Light that reforms. It develops the soul inside of me, the part of the Creator from above, the Divine image that I attain and build inside of me, participating in the process together with the Light. In that case, what came before is called “the animate level” whereas the new part if called “human” (Adam) because it is similar (Domeh) to the Creator.

That is why external actions don’t matter. Only one thing can help me—to attract the Light that reforms. There is no other force that can raise me from the animate level to the human degree. The only thing necessary here is a force from outside, and the entire Kabbalsitic method is aimed only at this.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/6/11, Matan Torah

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  1. This is true, a lot of us are taught to take as much as we can from life and later on maybe, if we care enough, there might be some afterworld where we are better than that to only want material things. As long as we dont’ have to think about ourselves that way now and can continue being greedy and needy of this world. It’s a very common perception.

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