A Road Without Signs

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem lies in the fact that we don’t understand how far we are from the quality of bestowal. Each small action brings us a step closer to the goal. This is how we advance on this path, millimeter by millimeter, and not a single millimeter can be skipped over.

Today, the path is concealed from us. For example, during this meal, we’ll go through 20 to 30 millimeters of Reshimot (reminiscences). This is a lot, but no one is going to feel it. This is how it will be until we reach the entrance to the spiritual world. Only then will we feel it.

For now, it’s as though we’re going to Madrid via a highway with no signs, and we don’t know how much longer we have to go. This makes the first meter and the last meter on the road before I see Madrid exactly the same for me. All along the way, nothing seems to happen, just the same highway, trees, and fields.

We don’t realize how many small actions we make every second that, together, compose our advancement. It is no accident that there are no signs and mileage indicators along that path. It is done so that the person would learn to receive pleasure from the journey itself. If you’re advancing toward bestowal, then even in the darkness, you should experience joy. Otherwise, you are just demanding a reward.

For this reason, a person shouldn’t wait for the end of the path; there is no end. The path ends when you decide for yourself: “I don’t have a destination. I’m content with what I have. The only thing I want is to find pleasure from bestowal.” You receive the reward when you stop demanding it, and this means that you’ve attained the goal.
From the Talk during the Meal in Madrin 6/3/2011

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  1. Thank you for the clear explanation and your attached articles too. :-)!

  2. Yes, there is in fact no end, and such a thing would be quite impossible actually. For what happens after you get to Madrid? Does the movie end??? What do the viewers of this movie do then? Do they go home? Then what? 🙂

    Conservation of mass, momentum, energy, everything is in flux, everything is flowing. Everything is like a river, and in fact, we can not find a single ‘end’ in this world whatsoever! It is only within the constructs of our mind, that were made from nothing to begin with, that again return to nothing. Such as, letters, symbols, things that were purposely attached to things of continuity, and even then the letters and words, achieve this eternity as well. Like an article of clothing, letters clothe the actual meaning which is beyond such a thing as a word. Sadly, this is where we fail in this world. Religions emphasize the clothing, not Him who wears it. (:

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