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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”: Thus, peace of the world and peace of the state are interdependent. Hence, we necessarily find that even that part of the state which is currently satisfied with its life, which are the nimble and the clever, still have a lot to be concerned about for the safety of their lives, due to the tensions with those who strive to overthrow them. And if they understood the value of peace, they would be happy to adopt the conduct of living of the last generation, for “all that a man has will he give for his life.”

There is a simple condition for the good life of the last generation, and that is to know that all over the earth, in all of humanity everything is connected integrally and globally and no one is free of this general account. Everyone is connected to everyone in full connections that we know of and that we don’t know of, the revealed and the concealed. There are millions of strings stretched among us through my thoughts and my desires and through all of me. If I haven’t revealed them yet, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Of course they exist and they are more clearly revealed each day.

The only thing I can do is to understand that that’s the way it is, but the understanding isn’t enough—I need to come to the feeling that I was able to correctly use the situation. Let it limit me when I do something wrong and push me forward in the right initiatives, according to the general system in which we are all connected to one another.

If I don’t feel, I will miss this opportunity: I will start saying one thing and doing another thing, which is what is actually happening today.

Well, first I have to understand it myself and explain to those around me. But eventually, this system has to be revealed to us so that we will really see it in our eyes and in our insight, so that we will feel its signals coming from heart to heart, from mind to mind.

No one will be able to think and contemplate by himself. Everyone will have to connect to the whole world in his thoughts. In other words, we need one heart and one mind for everyone.

Life itself demands the unity. We are moving in this direction and will reach it anyway if not now, then later. So how can we execute this? Will some global government or some global police help us? What can we do?

We need a special means that will show us the connection among everyone in an emotional and cognitive manner, so that we will not just look at in from the side, but will actually find ourselves in it.

Then I will automatically worry about others: If I think, I think about everyone; if I make a decision, I take everyone into account. I will be strongly and tightly connected to the general. Without this there is no chance we will succeed.

Question: You have described the final state, but not how to get there.

Answer: That’s right. Even now I can use my common sense and my right mind in order to depict for myself how things should be. If I already see the general system, how does it obligate me at the moment? Then other conditions will be revealed, even tougher and stranger ones.

Still I have to think objectively regarding the present: There are certain components that are connected in a certain way.

How do I connect them so that everyone feels all the others and everyone can take everyone else into account?

Everyone knows the other’s nature thoroughly and is unlimitedly connected to everyone in a variety of connections and has such a large mind that he can take everyone into account, to immediately plan projects on everyone’s behalf and carry out actual operations, assured that these operations are optimal and that in the current circumstances are the best possible.

Otherwise, if everyone continues carrying on his personal accounts under the conditions of the growing mutual connection, everything will fall apart like a car whose parts go in every direction when an accident occurs.

So we have to see the picture of our unity as compulsory: Everyone has the mind of everyone and everyone has the feelings of everyone else. How is that possible? That’s a question in itself. But even now we already see that nature is presenting us with this problem.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/12, “Peace in the World”

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