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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe term “globalization” is mistakenly interpreted as growing international trade and international exchange of technologies, information, and ideas, as well as people moving from place to another in an open global economy. Some consider this progress, and some see it as a serious threat to the global economy.

But globalization isn’t only about universal exchange, but rather about integration to such an extent that it would bring about total merging and erasing of all borders. Globalization isn’t the expression of economic progress, but rather social progress and the way to a new humanity. The crises we are experiencing are a challenge for all of humanity, an adjustment.

Globalization isn’t competition, but connection, and it will work only if the goal is to reach sensible equal consumption. Otherwise the “involuntary” globalization will lead us to collapse (connection among egotists is bad for them and bad for the world).

Today there is no globalization because there are still barriers between countries and there are no laws that sustain the connection of a whole unified society. Globalization can be realized only together, in mutual guarantee. Otherwise it’s the connection among a pack of capitalist sharks.

The mergers of businesses, the economic interaction outside the political borders, the international tourism, international connections, the number of Internet users, and the different international organizations, all these should not mislead us.

Globalization is a neutral process of our evolution, determined by nature. It’s an inevitable process of interdependence (mutual guarantee) of everyone on everyone, in one integral analog system of humanity and of nature as a whole. This compels us to immediately establish a new form of integral upbringing, in order to prepare humanity for the new world that is getting nearer.

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