What Is Required For A Person To Be Completely Happy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am an ordinary person and my personal qualities are limited. How is it possible to create a broader integral picture from them? How is it possible to care about all humans? As it seems this is difficult.

Answer: I don’t think this is difficult. Describe to yourself that you have unlimited possibilities, that you have a “warehouse” that contains everything. You can get everything you need from there and freely distribute and fulfill everything for all humans, for anyone that you want.

Now think: What do they really need? It is not a thousand calories a day, not health insurance, a pension, a vacation, or the right to work—things which already have been written about very nicely. What would you fulfill for a person so that he will be completely happy? This is to say, you try to relate to him as if he were your small and beloved child. Imagine that to yourself.

In this condition, your desires and wishes would be unlimited. They oblige you “to enter into the other” and to connect with him. This is called the formation of integral connections from everyone to everyone.

In no way do we think about anything negative. We think only about how to feel the particular desires of every person, to succeed in realizing them or help him to realize them on his own.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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