On The Level Of Thoughts And Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are working to create an integral society (community), we need to play with this. Together with this, must all of our mutual activities be carried out at the level of thought?

Answer: Absolutely! Nothing more is required of us. We are entering a system where only one thought operates: the beginning of the action, the action itself, and its result. This is all thought.

Question: It is like an assembly line of thought where a lot of people each are carrying out a simple action for a total common result.

Answer: This is not an assembly line of thought. It is, rather, a closed chain of thought, let’s say, like a group composed of ten people where all are linked integrally. This is to say, they all organize a space between them like this where all of their thoughts, desires, and intentions become a shared integral space. Their different thoughts become one thought because a positive influence will be derived from each in regard to all and the goal is their shared state on an integral level.

This common general state doesn’t have to be physical at all. We already have spoken about this state that we create within us, that we describe to ourselves. Suddenly, we begin to understand that we already can realize it and that this state is completely mental. This is a system of thought that is created in which we can exist. Along with this, our physical world even can depart from our feelings and we can get rid of it. We simply pass to another state, the next level of existence, for we exist in the physical world thanks to our bodies only. After all, they belong to the level of the “beast,” whereas the integral level is truly human. The Adam is a closed system of thought and desire mutuality found on the next level, beyond our bodies.

Therefore, the still, vegetative, and animate nature that exists in our world becomes only a basis, a foundation, for us to develop our next level of existence. This is the level of a mutual connection between us, not on the corporeal level, rather on the level of thoughts and desires.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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