Let’s Melt Into One Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What sort of annulment is required from the group of ten in the coming men’s convention?

Answer: We must attain total self-annulment with regard to the group of ten. It will not happen immediately, but rather gradually. Eventually, I must disappear, melt into the group just like a liquid that is poured into another liquid and is mixed until there is a total merger. I want to melt into everyone, to penetrate everyone. This is the self-annulment that I should reach with regard to my group of ten.

The moment I reach full disappearance in it, at the exact point that I disappear, I begin to feel the Creator. It is the hole through which I enter the spiritual world, which is called “the point of the needle.”

It is hard work, but it can become very easy if each of us supports everyone and we all help one another. Everyone should set an example for the others as to how much he annuls himself, and how he lowers himself and submits himself. You must show that, and this also will help you and awaken the others. Then, they will impress you in their turn. This is very important.

A group is a womb, and, the moment a person disappears in it, he is conceived in spirituality, like a drop of semen, and begins to grow as a spiritual formation. Only the initial spark remains of him, and around it, his new spiritual vessel is formed that is made of all his future concessions.

After the first ultimate self-annulment that turns you into a spiritual embryo, new egoistic desires are evoked in you on top of which you continue to annul yourself before the environment and the Creator. You already feel His Surrounding Light that isn’t just the Light that Reforms, but you feel the Creator in the Surrounding Light, like a pillar of smoke or a cloud.

You already begin to identify His presence to a certain extent, which means the attribute of bestowal. It is because you already have annulled yourself, and you continue to concede. You cannot see actual clear formations in the vessel that is formed by your self-annulment and your concession yet, but you already can sense them. This is why it is called a cloud or smoke.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Rabash

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