Rising Circles

Rising CirclesQuestion: If everyone in the group of ten wants to annul himself, why do they reach a feeling of hate?

Answer: If everyone annuls himself, we begin to rise, and then we are added extra ego. Suppose we are together, having achieved a certain connection, and through that, everyone receives the power to annul himself before the friends.

Rising Circles
In the previous circle, we all were equal, and as a result of our mutual work we rise and create a new circle in which we all become greater and higher than we were before. Each of us seems to remain in the same place, but he raises the whole circle and looks at it from below. All the friends are above, and only I am left below. I don’t see myself in the upper circle, but rather down below. Thus, everyone sees the group as higher than him.

We all have annulled ourselves before the others and thus have received a great collective power. We have ascended and corrected ourselves. This means that we have attained our total self-annulment in this new state, but how can we keep on growing? Here, each of us is added an extra ego so that we can grow, like an embryo to whom is added flesh, and then this flesh must take on a certain form. The embryo receives his mother’s blood that clots and turns into flesh by which he grows.

This additional ego generates hate in us, and we feel it on every level. If we ascend and annul ourselves, we are ready to ascend to the next level, and then we receive an additional, uncorrected desire to receive from the shattering. We were on the root level of Aviut (coarseness), but in the new state, we already need the Aviut of phase one. Since we need to receive this gap between the levels, the additional ego is revealed as hate. This is actually what helps us grow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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