Seven Billion Listeners

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I live in Peru. This is a big country. In just the capital city, Lima, around eight-million people live, but we haven’t succeeded in building a group. Why?

Answer: I understand and feel your pain very well, but the idea is that there is a higher program and we cannot understand why it is realized exactly in this manner. As long as we have not reached the root, as long as we don’t see the entire system, the entire soul, where each is located and why he needs to experience this fate or another, until then, we will not understand and will not justify the Creator. We always will have claims against him.

I have been disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah since 1983. At that time I wrote my first three books, just thirty years ago. And I began to study six to seven years before that. In the years that have passed, great work has been done throughout the world. Many groups have invested enormous effort in the creation and distribution of materials through a variety of channels.

However, the results are disproportionately small. We see that only few have a desire to attain the truth.

Really, there never will be many people like this. That is how the world is built. Such special people are in the minority and it should not be otherwise for all the rest follow them.

At the moment, we—a few hundred thousand people throughout the world—prepare ourselves correctly. The world will wake up and follow us. In principle, one shepherd is enough for all to reach the goal. Therefore, it is forbidden to judge according to quantity because spirituality is built fully on quality and one person can be equivalent not only to millions, but billions.

Thus, continue to invest effort. Join the American groups through the Internet, and ultimately, we will see as you will come to the conventions with many other people. The main thing here is not to complain. We don’t see the entire “map”; we are not aware of the entire program. It is necessary to accept the result as it is and to act independently of the circumstances. Even when there is emptiness all around, I must turn to the entire world as if everyone is listening to me.

Specifically in this way, I direct myself, turning toward everyone as if all seven billion are listening to me, eager to understand and to find out, to absorb every word. This is my duty, and how many among them will the Creator awaken and to what degree is His business.

I recommend this approach for everyone involved in dissemination. For then I am “pure”; the Creator establishes the time for the world to awaken, and I accept this with equanimity.
From the Convention in New Jersey 5/10/13, Lesson 1

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