Success Is Determined By Preparation

Success Is Determined By PreparationQuestion: Do we need to begin to prepare now to become one group of ten at the convention?

Answer: It’s impossible to achieve anything serious without preparation. If success came without preparation, then it was given from Above: You were pushed and you ran forward and did what you have been awakened to do. This success is not added to your account.

Any serious progress of the lower one takes place only due to preparation and is determined by its size. The action that took me ten seconds to complete could take ten years of my preparation. This preparation will determine the power of action.

So, we need to think about preparation. We continue to work in groups of ten to prepare ourselves for the convention: to one big group of ten. Otherwise, you will find yourself at the convention, in the crowd of a thousand, and just exit the boundaries of your group of ten. But you need to become integrated in the convention with your group of ten and see everyone as one group of ten.

You should not go beyond the circle boundaries, but at the convention, everyone is included in this circle. The whole place and all the people are the limits of our circle. Afterwards, you will work on how to connect virtually with other groups so that distance does not separate them.

Then we will work so that time does not separate us. We will begin to connect with Kabbalists who lived at all times since there is no time! We understand how it is possible that there is no distance because we can virtually connect to any point in the world. But time does not exist either. Even our world brings us closer to the border beyond which time does not exist. We need to work to make the concept of time, space, and movement disappear.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Rabash

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