If You Want, You Will Be Heard

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we look at ourselves through the eyes of the physical world, we see how weak we are economically, socially, and politically. We lack the required position in the world. Based on this, how can we disseminate something?

Answer: I don’t know what kind of position there should be in the world when someone wants to disseminate something. Go to the Internet and you will see that this is an integral system in which you can do what you want. It was created specifically for dissemination.

Everything depends upon you. If you try to correctly offer your method wholeheartedly, according to what people want to hear from you, they will hear you. It’s up to us only to learn how to do this. No position is required to do this.

In 1995, I opened a web page for Kabbalah and then began to disseminate without asking permission from anyone. I published my first three books in 1983 while I was still with Rabash when I didn’t have any students at all. I regularly appeared on radio programs through which a multitude of people reached us. As of today, we have two television channels and we print newspapers for all the holidays. Therefore no special position is required here.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 2

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