The Time Has Come To Awaken The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanEveryone acts according to the root of his soul, and the Light that reforms acts on him according to the root of his soul. Therefore, when we look at each other in this world, we don’t understand the motives of our actions; we don’t see which informational genes and which corresponding Lights are transformed in us. We cannot properly judge each other, and therefore we say that it is always necessary to judge your friend favorably.

In relation to himself, the person is given free choice and must strive to construct an environment for himself that will awaken him maximally. He must be dedicated to this environment and submit himself to it and be integrated with it as much as possible, as it is written, “All that you find in your hands to do, in your power, do it.”

But together with this there also exists a general plan of development. We are found in a process like this, where the entire world is beginning to wake up. And therefore, our development depends upon the development of the entire world. This puzzle is awakened more and more, and in it each one needs to fill the place that is designated for him. Therefore, the more that the world advances in general, the further we, “Israel,” the people who seek the Creator, advance. And likewise, through our advancement we awaken the entire world.

Therefore, it is impossible to separate these two components in our present work. Everyone is connected and depends upon each other in a form that is impossible to separate: both the inner work, by means of our informational genes and our personal Light that Reforms, and also the group in the group and the general work on the people of Israel in the land of Israel and on the entire world. The time has arrived when we must awaken everyone. But the more internal the layer is, the more important its awakening is.

The person needs to understand that if he falls all the time and thereby feels his inferiority, this is done for his good, and thus he is shown his true state. It is necessary to be thankful for the bad as well as for the good, for the good and the bad are weighed together. The form in which the good and the bad will be revealed depends only on the Light that Reforms. And it is always necessary to examine ourselves according to our integration in a society: How much are you ready and strive, are concerned to see the entire group, and in general the entire world, as your soul?
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/13

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