Where Is Our Moses?

Where Is Our Moses?A question I received in response to my post “It’s All for the Best (But We Can Get to It Faster)“: How can we progress without someone of Moses’ level guiding us forward? We don’t see the Creator’s participation in our daily routine. So who can we turn for answers? The group? Rav? Perhaps if we recognize our egoism and begin to move in the right direction as a group, then the Upper Light will become our guide? Who will guide us through the desert and the disasters that are coming at us so rapidly that we can’t even catch our breath?

My Answer: Baal HaSulam writes that his method can pull everybody out of egoism, and I’m certain of that. Also, I see from your progress, that you see it too. However, everything depends on our combined efforts. We can no longer reach the goal individually, as Kabbalists have done over centuries of exile. Instead, we are now beginning to build a group of “refugees” from egoism, from Egypt. We are facing the same task they faced: to reach the “Mutual Guarantee” (Arvut) – a mutual responsibility in reaching the goal. Our Moses is Baal HaSulam and Rabash, who are walking along with us. Soon you will discover them inside our group.


  1. Rav your answer to this question took my breath away. I want more then every to do my part in reaching the goal.
    Thank you so much..

  2. Dear Rav Laitman:

    As I read your posting and The Arvut, I cannot help but feel that this applies to my own country, the United States.  Politicians and televangelists preach “God’s word”, but the U.S. honestly does not love one another as the Wisdom of Kabbalah states.  Though I know it has another meaning according to Kabbalah, we are not our brother’s keeper.

    I am a beginner and am making a lot of mistakes in my path of learning this wisdom, but I see now how huge the ego of myself and my country is and the destruction it is causing inside and outside.  The fact that the United States does not have national health insurance like Europe and other continents and countries says a lot.

    I am rereding your Idiot’s Guide to Kabbalah, and I am not sure if I understand this correctly – the chaos outside me actually comes from within me.  To correct this I need to correct myself. I will read your post “How to Make Nature Change” for more wisdom.

    I apologize for taking up your time with my rambling.  Thank you very much.

  3. My dear rav, it’s all the same all over, here in brasil we see that we living in the same system as everbody does it in the entire world, but we don’t want to see that. Just because we are in what they label as the “third world country’s”,  it’s does not make us more humble, or greed, selfish, kindness, friendly, loveable, then the most richest country in the planet. For the contrary,  seem’s like that because we are not of the top of the world, we got some kind of evil complex. That’s make us more sick, angry, alway’s looking for some kind of revenge. Wen does not efect’s like that, seem’s like it make some people or most of the them like lamb’s, and they need a some kind of shepard to guide them. That’s wy here we got so many kind of religions, believes, saint’s, curandeiros, predigistadores, magicians, you named.
    So to compensate that, we worship all that comes from out side, like it was a blessing come out of skies.  The young and the old too generation kill’s, sell’s drog’s, prostitute their body’s, only to have a pair of nike sneaker’s, or pair of a fancy imported jean’s.
    Here in Brasil one the most violent country’s in the world, (we have a urban war) have more people dying by fire gun’s, in real battle against each other’s and betwen the lord’s of drug’s dealer’s  then in a real war, like iraque, or in african country’s. Is just unbelieble how can we get used with that everday’s new’s, wen we see dozen’s of people just get your’s self’s killed,  just one more bath blooding killing’s in Brasil everday’s life.
     People don1t even got shocked by that. And the  
    to many people loosing their lifes for nothing just because they walking in the street’s goin to work or doing some else.
    Dying for what is almost comom in here: by a ” lost bullet”.
    But there will be a day that everbody will wake’s up by the call of the creator, and this must be acelereted by the wisdow of kabbalah, and that day will the only trully day in all our lifes.

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