Mass Media – Change It and You Change the World

Mass Media - Change It and You Change the WorldThere’s nothing more criminal in the modern world than the falsehood and irresponsibility permeating mass media. Anybody can write, anything can be written, and it also costs next to nothing, reaching and spoiling everyone. A person’s destiny completely depends on the environment (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Freedom“). Crimes, crises and suffering are all results of the involuntary absorption of incorrect and harmful information. Mass media feeds us this information and gets us hooked on it, changing the way we think and ruining us. Thus, by changing mass media, we’ll change the world!

Mass media needs to change to the degree we change. However, it needs to lead the way, as a group helping us reach a higher goal.

Klipot (Shells) – Harmful and Helpful (Advanced)

Klipot (Shells) - Harmful and HelpfulA quote from The Book of Zohar – regarding Klipot, which can be either harmful or helpful.

There are three Klipot, encompassing all kinds of Dinim (Judgments) and the Klipot in the worlds:
a) “Stormy wind,” regarding Malchut from the aspect of Din (Judgment) before being sweetened with Bina.
b) “Big cloud,” regarding Dinim that are revealed in the left line, when they illuminate without the integration of the right.
c) “Burst of flames,” regarding the Dinim de Malchut which ascended to Bina.

All the types of calamities and punishments that befall Israel, are from these three Klipot. [Read more →]

Freedom Is in Another World

Freedom Is in Another WorldA question I received: What prevents women today from being free, growing creatively, and enjoying life? What is making them suffer, run around like crazy doing errands, without a break, and always compare themselves to others? Women have always fulfilled whatever society has demanded of them, whether in their family, society or country. In primitive society, a woman took care of the home and gave birth; in the industrial society, she took part in production, and in times of war, when human flesh was needed, she was praised as a mother-heroine. Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “the liberation of a woman is not a matter of the collective masses but a process of individual development.”

My Answer: Our time is different because now both individual and collective evolution have been exhausted, and we haven’t yet reached the conclusion we need to reach: that the only path of progress left is the one above our nature, and into another world.