What Do You Do with an Unsupportive Wife?

What Do You Do with an Unsupportive Wife?A question I received: What should I do if my wife is completely against Kabbalah and constantly blames all of our disagreements on Kabbalah? I’m totally dedicated to Kabbalah and I only want spirituality. I’m actually considering leaving my family, even though it’ll cause me and my children pain. Why is the Creator arranging things like this? Should I leave her and start a new family? I was into mysticism when I first met her, but that’s all behind me now and I’m only involved in Kabbalah.

My Answer: I would talk to her, just like I did with my wife thirty-five years ago. I’d tell her that I’ll always search for my purpose in life, and for life’s purpose in general, because I’m empty without it. I’m not obliging her to do anything, but this is who I am and I cannot change myself. I can leave or I can stay – you decide. The answer will either be positive or yet another argument, but things cannot stay like this anymore.

Another question I received: Sometimes my wife and I argue. But I understand that this is a result of a growing ego. This makes me suffer, but I justify the Creator and keep going. What do I do with my wife, who sees this as something very different, as something personal? My Answer: In addition to justifying the Creator, justify your wife.

Bans on Occult Advertising

Bans on Occult AdvertisingNews Story: Lawmakers Press for Bans on Occult Ads

“Fearing for the ’health of the nation,’ lawmakers are trying to curb the amount of occult advertising in the media. A new bill slated for its first hearing in May hopes to ban advertising for healers, witches and anyone offering occult services without proper registration.

‘People are going to these healers who don’t have a license, who don’t have any right to practice,’ Petr Polonitsky, an aide to Duma deputy Vladimir Medinsky, one of the lawmakers behind the initiative, told The Moscow News ’We warn people that this is fraud, but they still go.’”

My Comment: On the one hand, this new bill calls for an applause, but on the other hand, it would be better if such advertisements were everywhere, so people would realize sooner that nothing will help them and that all problems stem from our egoistic nature. We will then start referring to our egoistic desires as Yetzer ha Ra (evil inclinations), because they make us feel bad. Moreover, we’ll want to replace them with desires that make us feel good, Yetzer ha Tov – desires to love and bestow. We’ll reach such an understanding either through suffering or through Ohr Makif – the Light (Ohr is Hebrew for “Light”) that descends while studying Kabbalah.

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It’s Not Easy to Become a Sinner

It\'s Not Easy to Become a SinnerA question I received: For a long time now I’ve been connected to you through the website. I’ve stopped reading books and watching television. I rarely see my friends, and I don’t work since I recently gave birth. To my regret, I read an article in the book Shamati and realized that I’m presently on the level of a sinner. What should I do now?

My Answer: You shouldn’t regret reading Shamati. I think that you still have a long way to go before you’ll become a sinner. This is something you have to sense within you, even without a book. It’s something one feels in relation to the Upper Light.

When we study correctly, the Light shines, and we see our true selves relative to the Upper Light. We then have feelings of shame and sin, and these feelings push us forward toward correction.

Listening to lessons on Baal HaSulam’s original texts with commentary is the best thing you can do, because they are a very powerful medicine.