Kabbalah Today Publication – 14th Issue

Kabbalah Today Publication - 14th IssueThe 14th issue of the Kabbalah Today publication is now available.

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Editor’s Note
Fulfillment – Not Compensation
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The Untold Story of: a Consumer NationThe Untold Story of: a Consumer Nation
Stuff. It fills our closets, our garages, and our lives. We gauge success in life by the stuff we own, and spend incredible amounts of time shopping for it. A new documentary, The Story of Stuff, shows how our entire lives have been taken over by “stuff.” And the wisdom of Kabbalah shows what we can do about it
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Generation IGeneration I
In our generation – generation “I” – every person is unique. But the true art is knowing how to be unique
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Man, Woman, and the Snake Between ThemMan, Woman, and the Snake Between Them
For centuries, the story of Adam and Eve has captured the imagination of children and adults alike. It’s time to know the true meaning of the story, who that cunning little snake was, and of course, how all this relates to the fact that 50% of American couples today are getting divorced
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Obesity: A Lack of Spiritual Food?Obesity: A Lack of Spiritual Food?
Everyone today is counting their calories – but the obesity problem only keeps growing. Kabbalah explains that this epidemic is yet another symptom that the modern human being is not getting his “spiritual food”
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Sneak-a-Peek @ the book Path of KabbalahSneak-a-Peek @ the book Path of Kabbalah
Exodus – the Worldwide, 21st Century Version
The dramatic story of the exodus from Egypt is much more than a milestone on he Hebrew calendar. According to Kabbalah, it describes the liberation from egoism, and the whole of humanity is about to experience it
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We Are All in Deep (Drinking) Water

We Are All in Deep (Drinking) Water
According to the latest research, we can start thinking of our water faucets, and even store bought bottled water, as an all-purpose pharmacy. Whether it’s anti-depressants or antibiotics, prescription or over the counter – if others are taking it, so are you
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More Muslims than Catholics

More Muslims than CatholicsNews Story: Number of Muslims ahead of Catholics, says Vatican

“The number of Muslims has overtaken that of Roman Catholics for the first time, the Vatican said yesterday.

Muslims account for 19.2% of the world’s population, while Catholics make up 17.4%, according to the Vatican’s new statistics yearbook, which is based on figures for 2006.”

My Comment: If anything, the Roman Pope should be concerned about this, not us. Egoism is growing faster, and it will force everyone to become brothers.

More Severe Punishments Won’t Make Things Better

More Severe Punishment Will Only Make Things WorseNews Story: Missouri Governor Calls For Capital Punishment For Child Rapists

“Missouri Governor Matt Blunt demanded child rapists face capital punishment, at a news conference outside the St. Louis County Courthouse Monday. Hours later, lawmakers moved to make Missouri the 7th state to expand the death penalty for crimes beyond first degree murder.”

My Comment: The world is becoming more and more egoistic, and things aren’t getting any better. We keep looking for an answer in our egoism, our current situation, and this is pointless. Violence as a method of controlling violence is doomed to fail! I’m reading news stories everyday on how punishments are becoming more severe all the time. Violence is simply the stupidest means for correcting society, and only allows more and more dirt to fill it. The only way to save ourselves from any kind of violence is to rise above egoism, period.