The More You Know, the Better You Sleep

The More You Know, the Better You SleepA recent telephone survey of almost eleven hundred Americans, conducted by scientists from the Texas A&M University, shows that “the more informed respondents both feel less personally responsible for global warming, and also show less concern for global warming” (Risk Analysis, Vol.28, Issue 1, Feb 08). Oddly enough, the more actively the media publicizes the problem, the less concerned people become. It looks like our society is asking professionals to solve this global-scale problem, and not disturb regular people with cries of imminent disaster.

Also, other than achieving personal comfort, what else can you expect from your regular Joe? If there truly are disasters coming our way, then it’s not like anyone’s offering any solutions for them. Such conditions create a need for Kabbalah, which is capable of preventing nature’s blows. Therefore, it is essential to spread this method throughout the world, no matter how desperate the conditions may become.

You know, the people of Israel didn’t really want to flee Egypt (egoism), and this is precisely what Nature is pushing us toward. Moses was practically all alone in this endeavor. Prior to his arrival from Itro, his father in law, and until he started agitating Pharoah, which is egoism, nobody was even thinking of escaping from such egoism. Everything that Torah speaks of will also happen to us, and in exactly the same way.

Love Covers All Sins

Love Covers All SinsA question I received on my post Our Planet Is Only as Big as a House!: In the U.S. there are a great multitude of cultures and ethnicities living among one another. Though each is obviously interconnected and relies on a certain level of interdependency for collective survival, racism (particularly between European descendants and African descendants) is very much a strong reality here. This can be seen in the topics that repeatedly emerge in the midst of this presidential election. How does Kabbalah interpret this? What is at the spiritual roots of this corporeal tension between lighter and darker people?

My Answer: People dislike those who are different from them. This is the way our egoism is. There is a law of similarity in nature according to which similar objects are attracted to each other, regardless of their properties’ level of similarity. Only by correcting egoism, and making full use of it, will we reach the point where people will stop noticing the differences between various properties and objects. This is because the correction of egoism lies not in its elimination or replacement, but in using it differently – where everyone can express themselves to their fullest, and the only change is in the aim of their expression. Instead of aiming their expression at themselves, they aim it at our common goal of adhesion with the Creator – the quality of bestowal and love, above our nature. When such a change happens, people no longer have anything to complain about: the past opens up to them and they see that there was never anything that depended on them… they see that “love covers all sins.”