The More You Know, the Better You Sleep

The More You Know, the Better You SleepA recent telephone survey of almost eleven hundred Americans, conducted by scientists from the Texas A&M University, shows that “the more informed respondents both feel less personally responsible for global warming, and also show less concern for global warming” (Risk Analysis, Vol.28, Issue 1, Feb 08). Oddly enough, the more actively the media publicizes the problem, the less concerned people become. It looks like our society is asking professionals to solve this global-scale problem, and not disturb regular people with cries of imminent disaster.

Also, other than achieving personal comfort, what else can you expect from your regular Joe? If there truly are disasters coming our way, then it’s not like anyone’s offering any solutions for them. Such conditions create a need for Kabbalah, which is capable of preventing nature’s blows. Therefore, it is essential to spread this method throughout the world, no matter how desperate the conditions may become.

You know, the people of Israel didn’t really want to flee Egypt (egoism), and this is precisely what Nature is pushing us toward. Moses was practically all alone in this endeavor. Prior to his arrival from Itro, his father in law, and until he started agitating Pharoah, which is egoism, nobody was even thinking of escaping from such egoism. Everything that Torah speaks of will also happen to us, and in exactly the same way.

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  1. look’s like people are more concerning  with litle problem’s than the huge ones. mostly of them are realying worry more about whose goin to win the oscar’s in this fallow year , or if Brad pit and Angeline  joe goin to have a baby with blond hair and blues eyes.
    They don’t care if the roll planet going to melt’s dow, since they can fly all around the globe with their’s private jet’s looking everthing from up there eating exotic’s and almost extint kind of animal, plant, or sea food. Or that they can just stay at home flipping the Tv channel’s around looking for something to make forgot the real and ugly reality. It’s so easy to dive in to the hundred’s of fake and made up reality shown’s, superficial everthing, it’s so easy imagine that you are “rich and famous”, and everthing and everbody is there only to serve you and your egoistic and shalow desires.
    Just do way we are? I don’t think so!
    Only kabbalah provides the best solution’s for all this bizzare scenarios. Only in kabbalh is founded that there is a reason for all this unbelievible’s discrepancies. And everthing start’s on us, inside us, wen we take us for grant – wen my I’ is bigger than anything else and there is not space for nothing than my hiper inflated ego.
    Wen we never stop just a second to ask the monumental and the only must important question ever we shoulded ask, Who realy I’ am I’ ? what’s the meaning of my life?
    (It’s amazing how simple and profound are this question).
    But instering of that we are qestion, how can I’ be more powerfull and rich?  – How can I’ win my enemies, my friend’s, my brother, my father, the roll world  – I’ want to be better than them all.
    And wen we can’t…we cry like baby’s, asking wy God is so bad to us.
    See! that’s the way it is wen we don’t have the blessing of the almight – the Creator – to take us out and exit of Egypt.

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